Ktm 1290 adventure related bike articles

Ducati cruise control
Both KTM and Ducati to feature adaptive cruise control for their big adventure motorcycles
By Cristian Predoi |
Big changes for the new KTM Super Adventure: low center of gravity and adaptive cruise control
By Cristian Predoi |
KTM ScreenShot
Meet the D915 secondary road in Turkey. Bolivia’s Death Road will look like a walk in the park.
By Cristian Predoi |
2020-ktm-1290-super-adv (7)
First Photos | Fairings, fuel tank, ergonomics. KTM wants to build a more comfortable 1290 Super Adventure
By Cristian Predoi |
FILM | Is it worth selling your “old” R12000GS for this new version?
By Cristian Predoi |
KTM SuperDuke GT
PREVIEW | All that you need to know about the new KTM 1290 SuperDuke GT
By Cristian Predoi |
Tech Specs: 136 hp and an increase of 85 cc. Is that enough?
By Cristian Predoi |
R1200gs vs ktm vs tiger 1200
VIDEO | Is the new Tiger 1200 better than the R1200GS and the 1290 Adventure S
By Cristian Predoi |
Five Wife-Friendly Ballistic Motorcycles
They are fast as hell. And you can bring your wife too.
By Cristian Predoi |
2017 KTM Adventure Range Prices Announced
KTM updated its Adventure Family for 2017. Here are the prices for the new bikes
By Cristian Predoi |
Three KTM Adventure Models Recalled for Faulty Braking System
KTM issues a worldwide recall on three of its Adventure models.
By Cristian Predoi |
1290 Super Adventure gets Cyborg-Eye. KTM Travel Range Updated
KTM revamped its entire adventure-travel range. Now we have a list of five big V-twin bikes derived from two versions: the 1090 Adventure and the 1290 Adventure.
By Cristian Predoi |
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