Ducati Adventure Rider Teaching Us How to Ride Off-Road

Riding lessons from Paris-Dakar former rider Beppe Gualini

The Italian rider is known for competing in the Dakar Rally and now he’s a teacher for Ducati Riding Academy. He tells us why big V-twin bikes are a good choice when riding off-road. 

We often hear that when picking a bike for adventure riding, less is more. In other words, we should choose a light motorcycle that has small-mid power output. So, forget bikes like BMW R1250GS, KTM 1290 Super Adventure R or Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro when thinking to take on off-road trails.

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Listening to Gualini this shouldn’t be the case and if we look to Dakar Rally bikes we can see that a lot of races were won on bikes not very different from what we see now on the adventure motorcycle segment.

The Italian rider competed ten times in the Dakar Rally and has 65 starts in the African rally-raid competitions. We have a chance to see him on his old Cagiva racing machine telling us some tips and tricks of what it takes to tackle off-road terrains on big adventure bikes.

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Gualini’s info is part of the basic structure for Ducati Riding Experience Enduro (DRE Enduro) course offered by the Italian brand.

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