2020 Honda Africa Twin vs. Triumph Tiger 900

2020 Honda Africa Twin vs. Triumph Tiger 900 1

Two of the best adventure bikes on the market: the Honda CRF 11000L Africa Twin and the Triumph Tiger 900 in the Rally Pro version. Both of them new for 2020, with lots of updates: bigger and more powerful engine, more electronics, better handling. It’s one of the most anticipated reviews of the year, so we pot the dual sport tires on and hit the road to find out which one is the best: The Africa Twin or the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro.

We got the Africa Twin in the standard version, with the low windscreen, 20 liters fuel tank, tube-type tires, and standard suspension. However, it was fitted with the DCT gearbox. Not necessarily our choice, but it was the single one available. And it’s completely revised compared to the previous version – from the engine to the chassis. The engine feels better, more powerful and more refined, and there’s a full pack of electronics available.

The Triumph Tiger 900 is all-new for this year. The generation has changed, and there’s not a single piece the same as before. The engine is bigger and develops more torque in the mid-range, the frame is new, the suspensions are different, the passenger foot-pegs are no longer welded on the frame. It’s a completely new machine.

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6 thoughts on “2020 Honda Africa Twin vs. Triumph Tiger 900

  1. the Africa twin is a joke as a dirt bike ..a CB500 four with knobbies and 6 inches of suspension travel will handle much better off road than any AT and be 150 less weight …and if the triumph 900 handles anything like the triumph 800XC that I compare to a 1996 XR600R the Africa Twin is a GL-1100 on a supercross track

  2. 15,000 in 6 months on my Tiger Rally Pro and I love it. Dependable, rides amazing, I love the heated driver and passenger seats and heated grips on a cold day.

    The suspension is amazing off road and the bike feels lighter than it is. It corners as well as any average or better than average rider will need for having a 21 inch front wheel. The spoked wheels are so nice and can be adjusted without removing the tire. Great concept. I loved my 99 Tiger 900, but this one is truly one fantastic bike.

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