The KTM 890 Adventure R Is Here. but What’s the Point?

Bigger is better. Not necessary, would say the adventure motorcycle aficionados, who are eager to get smaller, more simple and lighter bikes. However, KTM came up with a new mid-weight adventure bike – the 890 Adventure R, which features a bigger engine than the 790 Adventure, released just two years ago.

But what’s the point having an 890 Adventure R when you already got the 790? I can’t say for sure, but in this case, the torque improvement would be a reason to wish having the bigger one. I had a ride with the KTM 790 Adventure alongside the BMW F850GSA and the Yamaha Tenere 700 last year, and I often felt the need to shift down, in order to keep up with the other guys. It felt like a sportsbike, and I had to rev it up in order to keep the pace. I loved it but more torque would have been welcomed.

Now, the 890 Adventure R is about to solve it, because the engine is the most notable update. More volume, and some engineering upgrades will pump up the power and the torque. It will develop 100 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm and 105 horsepower, so, theoretically, it can easily keep up the pace with the Africa Twin and the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro. The weight hasn’t increase too much – 196 kg dry, compared to the 189 figure on the 790 Adventure.

More than that, it’s about the Euro5 regulations. We’re sure that the 790 Adventure will be modified to meet the new standards and that it will still be a part of the KTM line-up for 2021. Or maybe we’ll see a 2021 model update for the 790 Adventure, too. 

There are also some improvements in the electronics sector, and there are some chassis upgrades. Here’s the updates list for the KTM 890 Adventure R.

// New 889cc engine with an added 90cc of displacement
// Engine featuring 20% more rotating masses (Euro5)
// More power with 105 hp @ 8,000rpm
// Added torque with 100 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
// Reinforced clutch
// Improved ABS and Traction Control
// Reworked shifting for faster gear changes
// Updated Quickshifter+ (optional)
// New handlebar switch for Cruise Control function
// Chassis upgrades with aluminum steering head tube & lighter subframe
// Reworked front & rear brakes
// New suspension settings

For those who want more, there’s an 890 Adventure Rally version available. It’s a 700 units limited edition, and comes with WP Xplor Pro Components, an Akrapovic exhaust, a racing seat, Rally mode and Quickshifter+ included, narrow wheel rims with tubes, clear screen winglets, racing graphics and colors, carbon fiber tank protectors and Rally footrests.

The KTM 890 Adventure R will arrive in the dealer networks from November 2020 onwards. Not sure if the 790 Adventure will still be a part of the KTM line-up for 2021.

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  1. Pretty sure the 196 kg (431 lb) and 189 kg (416 lb) figures are *dry* weights, given that when testers have weighed the 790 with a full tank they get something around 209 kg (460 lb).

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