Rumour: Honda CRF 250 Rally Could Become Africa Twin 250 in 2021

Rumour: Honda CRF 250 Rally Could Become Africa Twin 250 in 2021 1

The Japanese brand could be working on a 2021 Honda Africa Twin 250 to debut on the small adventure motorcycle segment according to Young Machine. Even if it’s just a design rendering if the small size adventure motorcycle becomes a real machine, it might come in two versions – one for touring and one for adventure riding.

The current Honda CRF 250 Rally model might face some upgrades for next year as the company could transform the small-sized adventure motorcycle into an Africa Twin for next year. In other words, the Japanee manufacture might intend to make a whole Africa Twin adventure motorcycle range – 250cc, 800cc (if the rumours become real) and 1100cc – thus having a model in each adventure motorcycle displacement category.  The other goal might be that Honda intends to have a rival for the Suzuki V-Strom 250.

At the moment it’s just an interpretation and the adventure motorcycle featured in the photo is just a design rendering, so, for now, it’s just a rumour as we’ve seen that Honda could be working as well on an 800cc version of the Africa Twin. Moreover, starting from January 1st 2021, all motorcycle manufacturers we’ll have to equip all their new models with Euro5 compliant engines as the regulations will demand it, thus a 2021 Honda Africa Twin 250 might not be just a design rendering. Honda could be revising its current CRF 250 Rally and convert the adventure motorcycle into a version closer to the features of the Africa Twin 1100 model and by doing so, the company would have a small adventure motorcycle in a segment where at the moment it is absent.

Rumour: Honda CRF 250 Rally Could Become Africa Twin 250 in 2021 4

As far as the Honda Africa Twin 250 design rendering goes, the new model could not be all that adventure orientated as it may lose its 21-inch front wheel in favour of a 19-inch one in order to offer more road and touring characteristics. It might not be far fetched that if the Africa Twin 250 becomes a real motorcycle, Honda could offer two versions – one with a 19-inch front wheel focused on touring and another with a 21-inch front wheel and adventure components. The power delivery could remain the same as the current one – 24.8 hp. The bodywork would most likely follow the current Africa Twin design lines and be fitted with similar headlights, fairings, fenders and a more high mounted fuel tank.

For now, it’s just a motorcycle design rendering, so we’ll have to wait and see if Honda has any plans on building an Africa Twin 250 in the future.

13 thoughts on “Rumour: Honda CRF 250 Rally Could Become Africa Twin 250 in 2021

    1. if you remember the nx250,it was impressive in all environments.. loads of torque Highway maneuverability and Trail friendly

  1. Can someone slap Honda already? A 250 adventure bike is pretty much useless in the US. The idea of a baby AT is awesome but needs to be a minimum of 400cc’s. I’d put a deposit down on a production version of the 450 rally if they could keep it around 10k. If Yamaha can build a Tenere 700 and sell it for 10k, this should be easy for Honda.

  2. Agreed. I have the Rally 250 and needs a 350-500 cc engine. That is the perfect power to weight ratio for those who actually hit the trails and dirt. Give us something just under 400 lbs wet. Honda makes great reliable products.

  3. There is no Niche for this bike but there is a need. Many Riders from the 60s 70s and perhaps even 80s have been pushed out of the market because bigger is not always better. it’s a 250 that’s not trying to look like a Goldwing or a factory 250. The market for the NX was not very strong so doubt in us marketability may be justified. However finding a used NX in the US is next to Impossible. This design is favored around the world in locations where longevity and dependability are Paramount. The US market?
    We who love our bikes but barely ride 10-20 times a year without a designated purpose nor the ability to justify the cost of larger Cruisers or crossovers. Please put me on the list I need at least 2.

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