Middleweight Honda Africa Twin Closer to Production. New Details Emerge

The motorcycle could have a 790cc engine and come in three versions

New details emerge about the middleweight Honda Africa Twin according to MCN. The small-sized adventure bike could be fitted with a 790cc twin engine. Also, Honda has a goal to offer an adventure motorcycle for riders with A2 licenses.

Honda is working on a smaller version of its CRF1100L Africa Twin. The goal seems to be to tackle the middleweight adventure bike segment where the Japanese brand lacks a model for now. This means it’s up against the Yamaha Ténéré 700 and probably the Kawasaki KLX 700 if the rumours of this model come true.

small sized honda africa twin

Big adventure bikes are heavy and have a lot of power which is not too appealing for new riders with A2 licenses. 

"When we speak about pure adventure, we don’t have a wide line-up. So, we are thinking of a half-way model to attract younger people," said Kenji Morita, project leader for the 1100cc Africa Twin.


So, we could expect the new middleweight Africa Twin to be lighter compared to its big brother the CRF1100L. Also, it may not be equipped with an adjustable windscreen, TFT dash or adjustable suspension.

The new bike could be built on the NC model platform which includes bikes like NC750S and NC750X. Also, it will feature upgrades to be more offroad focused. So, we could expect to see a 21-inch front wheel.

Moreover, the engine could be a 790cc parallel-twin fitted with a DCT gearbox making the new Africa Twin the first middleweight adventure bike with a dual-clutch transmission.

It will be interesting to see when we’ll see the new middleweight Honda Africa Twin and what price tag will be set.

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