Should Yamaha Build a Tracer 1000?

Should Yamaha build a Tracer 1000? 1

Picture this: a 160 hp sport-tourer based on the MT-10. Fantastic!

Yamaha needs a 1,000 cc sport-tourer to keep up with the big boys. And a Tracer 1000 would be the thing. Imagine the R1-derived crossplane engine, producing a lot of power, top-spec chassis, and electronics, in a comfortable bike that could take you to a 10,000 km trip around the curvy roads of the continent. It would be great. 

There’s a gap in Yamaha’s line-up between the Tracer 900 and the FJR 1300. And since the FZ1 Fazer 1000 is gone, many sport-touring enthusiasts are nostalgic about this bike. I have a friend that owned two Fazers, and now he feels disoriented among these new offers. There’s an MT-10 with a touring pack in Yamaha’s range, but adding a windshield and two side-cases doesn’t transform a naked to a touring bike. 

After the 600 cc and 1000 cc Fazers were gone, Yamaha switched to the upright sport-touring position inspired by the adventure world and built the Tracer 900 – a best-seller – and the Tracer 700. In fact, Yamaha was the one who invented this type of bike – the TDM 850 appeared in 1991, long before the first Multistrada. 

Now, the upright-position sport-touring segment is well-established, with great motorcycles such as the BMW S1000XR, Ducati Multistrada and KTM 1290 SuperDuke GT. 

2019 Yamaha MT10 EU Ice_Fluo Static 005 03

So, how should a Tracer 1000 look? 

– more than 160 horsepower
– ride-by-wire throttle and the MT-10 SP complete electronics package
– lightweight aluminium Deltabox main frame and a reinforced subframe to support the extra load from the passenger and luggage
– upright riding position, increased legroom
– height-adjustable windscreen
–  larger fairings to ensure better weather protection 
– some Tracer-like hand-guards
– comfortable seat
–  large fuel tank – around 20 liters
– no more than 220 kg wet weight
–  a price just below the European rivals would make it a great success 

The photo above is a render created by Mich Motorcycle. 


16 thoughts on “Should Yamaha Build a Tracer 1000?

  1. I would buy this bike today, if it were available. I love the tall, upright riding position of the Adventure type concept. The Yamaha 1000 is a gem of a power plant. I'd be pretty happy with that. Yamaha designs and builds some of the best engines available anywhere, from any company and the Cross Plane 1000 is a silly good engine!

    Somehow, I feel like the industry needs to recognize the potential surrounding this concept. The concept isn't a design to produce a 1000cc, 4 cylinder dirt bike. The KTM 1290 for example…That bike is good on the road but it's not a long distance motorcycle, IMO. It lacks the comfort, predominantly highway riders are looking for.

    A Yamaha Tracer CP-1000 would sell like hot cakes and I'd be the first to get my hands on one!

  2. Please Yamaha build this bike!!! Have had three R1's…getting a little older and want performance with comfort!

  3. X chi come me cerca una turistica vera. Preferirei il motore del supertenere 1200 che è molto più fruibile. x fare turismo non servono 160 cv ma una moto comoda in due de che scalda e consuma poco.

  4. A 1000cc tracer based bike would be great. However dont make it gigantic In Seat height as you will lose half the market. I have the 900 tracer and love it. If the 100cc came out with the same spec as the gt I would be sold. Keep the weight and seat height down, stick at 20/22 ltr tank on it and your on to a winner. Budget under the bmw s100xr and multistrada and you could easily wipe the floor with the competition. Yamaha engi e is amazing, build quality is a little lacking though.

  5. I have owned 2 Fazer 1000 and the FZ1 and on my 2nd tracer, Yamaha from my point of view don't need a 1ltr bike and the changes and extra weight required in making a bike that's comfortable and able to do around the 180 – 200 miles just makes the MT10 a no go , but i will say this instead of having the MT09 tracer / Tracer 900 which is only a 847cc engine just put a bit more work into that bike by actually having a 900cc engine and refine the bike that little bit more , that way they might keep there costs down and keep the market .
    At the end of the day most people can't use the CC they have anyway.

  6. EICMA november the 5th will let us now , i for one am actually holding off buying the mt09 just in case !! lets hope it is just a bigger tracer not a monster re-design with an extra 400 lb , and if it has a 20 ltr fuel tank i wont buy it it needs to compete with the GS it needs closer to 30 ltr and if they cant manage it up front sling another tank under the seat !!!

  7. I agree !!! I I was close to purchasing the Tracer 900 GT. I fell in love with the CP4 1000cc of the MT10 and bought it. I live in the US so I had to set up my bike a a Euro spec MT10 “Tourer” with the Yamaha Accessories (windscreen, hand-guards, comfort seat and soft luggage) I do wish Yamaha would make something on-par with the 2019 KTM Super Duke GT BUT without the $20K+ price tag…

  8. I currently own a Versys 1000 for touring and an MT-09 from which I get a lot of riding enjoyment. I was hoping that 2019 would be the year that Yamaha would finally present the 1000 Tracer at EICMA. Instead BMW updated its 1000 XR because it’s selling much more than its naked S1000R offering. Wake up Yamaha! Are you worried that a Tracer1000 would cannibalize sales of the Tracer 900? These bikes would have 2 very different engines and would have different price tags! In fact, I need the bigger 1000cc engine (more hp and torque) for touring. I also don’t want to ride a heavy bike like the FJR1300. I think it’s a no brainer for Yamaha, I am one of many riders who would buy a Tracer1000 in a heartbeat if Yamaha kept the weight down!

  9. Honestly, the day I have heard Tracer 700 is rolling out, I have asked my self "Does that mean Tracer 1000 is also coming soon?" Assuming 700 and 900 now there from an existing engine, 1000cc tracer would be amazing. I personally am in love with CP4 because of a friend that had an R1. I totally wouldn't mind trading my Tracer 900 to a 1000 because I reall don't want to go to s1000xr.

  10. It was Yamaha which started this whole upright sport touring ergos category with the TDM 850. Why should BMW and Ducati steal all the glory with the s1000xr and Multistrada 1200 with their powerful engines and unaffordable prices? Yamaha already has the CP4 engine, all they need to do now is develop a light chassis and they will have a more affordable alternative that will be an instant winner.

  11. I have an mt10 and a tracer 900 because the mt10 is lacking in a few areas,one of these i don’t think yamaha will be able to do,my tracer 900 does at least 15mpg more and i do not think they will ever be able to get a R1/mt10 derived engine to do 45mpg let alone 55,the other gripes are easy,the terrible matchbox that calls itself a headlight,if the rest would be on par with the current mt10 then i would trade both my bikes in for one.So more upright,no more weight,180 mile tank range minimum,seat height no higher and much better lights that both come on together.

  12. I have a 2022 Tracer 9GT. It’s my third FJ / Tracer. I find the CP3 motor to have a little more vibration than I like. I would love to try an MT10 tracer. I have gone so far as to start evaluating how to turn the MT10 into more of an upright riding position.

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