Triumph Made in Thailand. the Production Will Be Moved Soon

Only Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) models will be produced in the UK

Triumph’s rearranging its production lines. The motorcycles will be built in three Thailand factories with only high-end bespoke models remaining built in the UK. Here are the details.

According to MCN, the main production of Triumph’s motorcycles is moving to Thailand. So, only 4,500 bikes per year will remain to be built at the Hinckley factory in the UK.

The motorcycles in Triumph’s model range still made in Great Britain will be TFC bikes and special projects.

editions speciales triumph tfc thruxton rocket_hd

The British brand is making 65,000 units each year, thus around 60,000 bikes will be made in factories in Chonburi, Thailand. Thus, we’re looking at the last Speed Triple and Tiger 1200 models produced in the UK.

Production results

Moving the main production outside the Hinckley factory will have a result regarding the number of employees remaining. Triumph said they’re debating about 50 production role employees and their future roles in the company.

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Triumph’s Hinckley factory will have a new bespoke assembly line. 

"To facilitate the more efficient production of specialist prototype bikes and the continued manufacturing of high-end bespoke motorcycles such as the Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) bikes,” said Triumph.

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"We are now preparing for Triumph’s next wave of strategic growth. We want to maximise the growth opportunity for the brand globally, particularly in the Asian markets. This is why we are increasing our design resources here in the UK and focusing our mass production capabilities in Thailand," concluded Nick Bloor, Triumph’s Chief Executive Officer.

VC_Factory_Engines_1920 x 1080

Triumph’s Thailand production factories 

Triumph has three factories in Thailand and the employees work on a two-shift system. Probably, the British brand will change the working system to a potential three-shift system which could increase the motorcycle’s production. 

Now, the build requirement for the Thailand factories is just 2,000 extra models to build in the short term. So, Triumph doesn’t need to invest a lot for the time being.

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The Hinckley factory

In the UK, Triumph will continue to invest in research and development of new models. The British brand will develop a 16,000-sqft R&D centre to design all Triumph motorcycles.

Triumph said they’ve increased their design and engineering departments by 40%, and investment in new model development by 80% in the last five years.

Source: MCN

triumph factory 03

speed triple rs 2020


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21 thoughts on “Triumph Made in Thailand. the Production Will Be Moved Soon

  1. I have been a Triumph rider and restorer for over fifty years and I will categorically state that no Chinese build Triumph will ever grace my shop. Good luck trying to convince anyone that they really are British anyway. And thanks to Nick Bloor for sending British jobs to China and continuing the long and regrettable history of mismanagement which has plagued British motorcycles since ww2.This is the last nail in the coffin of an old and honourable brand. Shame on you.

    1. Get with the times we live in a global community now, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Triumph and Ducati all make their bikes in Thailand and the standards and quality are exceptional

  2. Whether production of the bike is in Thailand, or China, I can understand and relate to the point being made. I can appreciate their reasons for not building in China though and wanting to safeguard their IP from theft.
    Sadly, it would seem that few people now care about where a bike is built, as long as the price is right and to hell with our own manufacturing base, employment and economy.
    I’ve only bought Hinckley built Triumphs since 1995 and I’ll continue with the policy and no, Hinckley “finished” (based on, already near complete, Thaiumphs) TFC Triumphs don’t count!

    1. I care,,,I got 5 Hincleys and 1 smallheath/meriden bike .I wont be buying any more Triumphs because its made out there.

  3. I am beyond gutted, i get why you need factories abroad however dont tell me that you cant keep a production line here ! I visited Hinckley around 2006 and was told it was the most efficient production line in the world. It was immaculate and the people were amazing and i have bought new Triumphs ever since.

    Not now, not a chance and they should lose their Royal Crest and the right to put a Union Flag on them. John Bloor done so much and his son is a disgrace to our country at a time when we need people to believe in it.

  4. This is undoubtedly a mistake to shift what little Triumph production was left at Hinkley to Thailand, it will only alienate those Triumph customers who buy a Triumph because it is assembled here in the UK.
    However as most people know the UK over the last 40 plus years as become a horrible place for manufactures, everywhere else governments go to great lengths to ensure the survival of their manufacturing industry but unfortunately here in the UK our establishment seem to take great joy in watching our industry die

  5. As a German and European, I do take care of where a product is being built.
    I do own four Austrian built KTMs and a Triumph Speed Twin.
    I do NOT except Asian build stuff, not even household appliances.
    If production will be shifted to Thailand, this Triumph will be my last one!
    Do you think that anyone would except a Rolls-Royce motorcar being built somewhere in Asia?

    1. Agree with what you say about the bikes but Rolls Royce now uses a lot of main parts from overseas engine transmision etc..I dont like Rolls Royce cars anyway.If I had that kind of money I would go for an Aston Martin ,Ferari or Lambo.

  6. I own a 2007 Triumph Bonniville America built in Hinkley .I have owned this great bike 11 years and is my pride and joy best motorcycle I have ever owned.Would I buy a Thai built one no. It is taking the pride of owning a British built bike away. I am gutted..

  7. I have a 2008 1050 speed triple, one reasons I bought it was it is a British Manufactured bike, and riding the flag, it will be my last Triumph motorbike. Not good.

  8. I was recently going to buy a Triumph Bonneville Bobber, and stopped when I read the shocking news about the move. I do take care where I buy everything from, whether it’s my food (local only) or motorbikes (which should come from where their claimed heritage is..) .

    So, now looking at alternatives made in Europe! BMW and Moto Guzzi for example.

    1. I agree, Triumph looses its origins, only design and development in UK is too few for this tradition.
      Does nobody take the chance to produce british,same as Dyson failed by giving it all to Asia.

  9. Import duty should be at such a high premium on everything, that British produce and manufacturing would become what it was. Why On earth would you take a proud country and its people and turn them into the worlds laughing stock, we need a government with a backbone and a people with unity not all this back biting weirdness and soft liberals. Buy from triumph when they are taking a bigger profit and giving none of the respect back to the country that allowed them to grow, think they may have to rely on world sales at a time when the uk needs British companies ! Very sad.

  10. Australia has given the job of making most of its essential, everyday products to others. Not an auto maker in sight.
    Since the seventies, politicians of all persuasions, have been intent on killing off our manufacturing industries, choosing instead to promote a “Clever Country” future for our economy, selling off our resources whilst we make the transition. Problem is, ideas are really easy to steal and there are countries which are very adept at stealing them. Then you have nothing to sell, except in our case, dirt, which according to bricklayers, we have sold off all the right sort of dirt to lay bricks.
    And if a major trading “partner” decides to take their marbles and not play anymore, you are on your own!
    Triumph, learn from our experience.
    Don’t give all your chickens away and rely on others for your eggs.

  11. I got 5 Hinckley and 1 Meriden/smallheath Triumphs.I will not be buying any more new Triumphs because they are built out there.

  12. So farewell Triumph,why should I buy a thai bike with a british name?If every eutppean workplace is transferred to asua,who can buy anything anyway here?
    Greedy capitalist idiots

  13. sounds to me a case of the bean counters running another iconic brand.
    board level power point presentations convincing those around the table this is the only avenue to take. well nick time to stop relying on the starch in your shirt to keep you upright and boldly go where your father once led, use this opportunity at the cost of factory based jobs in the UK to re instate those jobs when future product and manufacturing growth is necessitated. in that way respect for the brand and yourself will be partly restored. I agree with the above comments from Phillip obviously from Australia as myself, Holden finally died here as local manufacturing stopped and GM thought they could sell holden badged asian models, people stopped buying and within 2 years the brand is now dead . take heed.

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