Triumph Made in Thailand. the Production Will Be Moved Soon

Triumph made in Thailand. The production will be moved soon 1

Only Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) models will be produced in the UK

Triumph’s rearranging its production lines. The motorcycles will be built in three Thailand factories with only high-end bespoke models remaining built in the UK. Here are the details.

According to MCN, the main production of Triumph’s motorcycles is moving to Thailand. So, only 4,500 bikes per year will remain to be built at the Hinckley factory in the UK.

The motorcycles in Triumph’s model range still made in Great Britain will be TFC bikes and special projects.

editions speciales triumph tfc thruxton rocket_hd

The British brand is making 65,000 units each year, thus around 60,000 bikes will be made in factories in Chonburi, Thailand. Thus, we’re looking at the last Speed Triple and Tiger 1200 models produced in the UK.

Production results

Moving the main production outside the Hinckley factory will have a result regarding the number of employees remaining. Triumph said they’re debating about 50 production role employees and their future roles in the company.

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Triumph’s Hinckley factory will have a new bespoke assembly line. 

"To facilitate the more efficient production of specialist prototype bikes and the continued manufacturing of high-end bespoke motorcycles such as the Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) bikes,” said Triumph.

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"We are now preparing for Triumph’s next wave of strategic growth. We want to maximise the growth opportunity for the brand globally, particularly in the Asian markets. This is why we are increasing our design resources here in the UK and focusing our mass production capabilities in Thailand," concluded Nick Bloor, Triumph’s Chief Executive Officer.

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Triumph’s Thailand production factories 

Triumph has three factories in Thailand and the employees work on a two-shift system. Probably, the British brand will change the working system to a potential three-shift system which could increase the motorcycle’s production. 

Now, the build requirement for the Thailand factories is just 2,000 extra models to build in the short term. So, Triumph doesn’t need to invest a lot for the time being.

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The Hinckley factory

In the UK, Triumph will continue to invest in research and development of new models. The British brand will develop a 16,000-sqft R&D centre to design all Triumph motorcycles.

Triumph made in Thailand. The production will be moved soon 15

Triumph said they’ve increased their design and engineering departments by 40%, and investment in new model development by 80% in the last five years.

Source: MCN

triumph factory 03

speed triple rs 2020


89 thoughts on “Triumph Made in Thailand. the Production Will Be Moved Soon

  1. I have been a Triumph rider and restorer for over fifty years and I will categorically state that no Chinese build Triumph will ever grace my shop. Good luck trying to convince anyone that they really are British anyway. And thanks to Nick Bloor for sending British jobs to China and continuing the long and regrettable history of mismanagement which has plagued British motorcycles since ww2.This is the last nail in the coffin of an old and honourable brand. Shame on you.

    1. Get with the times we live in a global community now, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Triumph and Ducati all make their bikes in Thailand and the standards and quality are exceptional

    2. My Hinkley-built Street triple has just clocked 200,000 km and is still going strong. But as motorcycle rider and street triple owner who has worked in manufacturing all my adult life, I am deeply saddened to see yet more of my UK brothers’ and sisters’ manufacturing jobs sent offshore. Any country that slaps a 60% tariff on imported motorcycles and then asks that we buy the same product from them can whistle dixie. So can the company that uses it as an excuse to shift their manufacturing there.

  2. Whether production of the bike is in Thailand, or China, I can understand and relate to the point being made. I can appreciate their reasons for not building in China though and wanting to safeguard their IP from theft.
    Sadly, it would seem that few people now care about where a bike is built, as long as the price is right and to hell with our own manufacturing base, employment and economy.
    I’ve only bought Hinckley built Triumphs since 1995 and I’ll continue with the policy and no, Hinckley “finished” (based on, already near complete, Thaiumphs) TFC Triumphs don’t count!

    1. I care,,,I got 5 Hincleys and 1 smallheath/meriden bike .I wont be buying any more Triumphs because its made out there.

      1. I take it you watch your Chinese TV and are typing this on either a Chinese Computer,Tablet Or Phone😂😂 Sone people need a reality trip!!

    2. Well Said John. Agree with you 100%. I want to buy a Hinkley STR RS but along with Bonnies and all other production line Triumphs they are now no longer built in Britain. If they are not built in Britain I won’t be buying one. I found out my own STR was built built in Thailand back in 2013 and was absolutely livid beyond all belief. As I cannot buy the British built triple I want I will be looking at buying something like a Yamaha MT09SP next Spring.

  3. I am beyond gutted, i get why you need factories abroad however dont tell me that you cant keep a production line here ! I visited Hinckley around 2006 and was told it was the most efficient production line in the world. It was immaculate and the people were amazing and i have bought new Triumphs ever since.

    Not now, not a chance and they should lose their Royal Crest and the right to put a Union Flag on them. John Bloor done so much and his son is a disgrace to our country at a time when we need people to believe in it.

    1. Totally agree with the English Union Jack. Triumph’s current badge should be replaced with Thailand’s horizontal red, white, blue stripes. Truth in advertising!

      1. Real shocker, when i took my 2017 thruxton r apart. The abs unit says ‘made in china’ on its label. Moving further through the bike, i found many parts including the frame ill constructed, cheaply made. (tire kickers, beware! Don’t kick too hard, you’ll bend the frame 😜)
        Switchgear, wiring loom, crap imo. The engine is solidly built, but compared to a t300, that’s all. So i’ve decided to just keep the engine and sold the rest in parts. Going for a ground up, new aluminium tube frame, with homemade wiring, real carbs, and adjustable ignition. My style of bikes has never been on a shop floor, so nothing new there…

  4. This is undoubtedly a mistake to shift what little Triumph production was left at Hinkley to Thailand, it will only alienate those Triumph customers who buy a Triumph because it is assembled here in the UK.
    However as most people know the UK over the last 40 plus years as become a horrible place for manufactures, everywhere else governments go to great lengths to ensure the survival of their manufacturing industry but unfortunately here in the UK our establishment seem to take great joy in watching our industry die

  5. As a German and European, I do take care of where a product is being built.
    I do own four Austrian built KTMs and a Triumph Speed Twin.
    I do NOT except Asian build stuff, not even household appliances.
    If production will be shifted to Thailand, this Triumph will be my last one!
    Do you think that anyone would except a Rolls-Royce motorcar being built somewhere in Asia?

    1. Agree with what you say about the bikes but Rolls Royce now uses a lot of main parts from overseas engine transmision etc..I dont like Rolls Royce cars anyway.If I had that kind of money I would go for an Aston Martin ,Ferari or Lambo.

    2. Whatever. I would have preferred the.bikes to.stay a British motorcycle but I have owned Kawasaki’s Suzuki’s and Yamaha motorcycles. It’s not really where it’s made but how it’s made. Still it makes me inclined to buy an MV Augusta or Ducati Supersport now. I would have to travel 400km to get to a dealer anyways

    3. So, you’ll be selling the speed twin soon? (built in Thailand too) 😂
      I care for good quality in material and machining, and since the first t300’s, i saw build quality going backwards with triumph , (i also have thruxton r, which is a fine engine, but the rest is crap), but so it is with al brands nowadays. Cheaply made, t be used up and recycled within a couple of years. Keeping my stock of t300 engines and spares, to build my own bike, if i want a new one. Yeah, two of my t300’s are built in Holland, withe Egli and Spondon frames. You can guess why… 😜😂

    4. Where was the keyboard you are typing on made? The solar panels on your roof? Your TV? Your computer? Your T-shirts? Need I go on?

  6. By the way, what are the savings on labour? 100 Euros/Pound?
    What about shipping time and charges?

  7. I own a 2007 Triumph Bonniville America built in Hinkley .I have owned this great bike 11 years and is my pride and joy best motorcycle I have ever owned.Would I buy a Thai built one no. It is taking the pride of owning a British built bike away. I am gutted..

  8. I have a 2008 1050 speed triple, one reasons I bought it was it is a British Manufactured bike, and riding the flag, it will be my last Triumph motorbike. Not good.

    1. That’s a great motorcycle. I had a ride on a left over 2007 in 2008. It was a beast. I then rode a 2012 ( or 2013) Street Triple R. That actually fit me to a tee. I have owned Japanese bikes and I like them. But Triumph is an exclusive brand ( or was). The only way I would buy a new Street Triple R is if the price was lower than the MT09SP. I think this is a mistake

  9. I was recently going to buy a Triumph Bonneville Bobber, and stopped when I read the shocking news about the move. I do take care where I buy everything from, whether it’s my food (local only) or motorbikes (which should come from where their claimed heritage is..) .

    So, now looking at alternatives made in Europe! BMW and Moto Guzzi for example.

    1. I agree, Triumph looses its origins, only design and development in UK is too few for this tradition.
      Does nobody take the chance to produce british,same as Dyson failed by giving it all to Asia.

    2. BMW smaller bikes are made in India alongside the Royal Enfields. Guess that’s why they cost a quarter of the GS1250 adventure 🤔

      1. We know Royal Enfield India was an extension of the English plant for years & the tooling moved to India when the original UK manufacturing stopped. So the classic mixture of English/Indian heritage is all good. The quality of my 350 Enfield incidentally is top notch 🙂

    3. They all have plants in Thailand! They’re even in the same region. HD, bmw, Ducati, all ‘Japanese’ brands, and probably guzzi too. Buy an Enfield, made in India, for a longer time than they were ever built in uk. 😂

      1. Hate to tell you MotoGuzzi is made in Italy. If they use the same standards as the Brit bikes than why did they move there for?Because they do substandard work and pay the workers slave wages how much pride goes in your work when you don’t make nothing!

  10. Import duty should be at such a high premium on everything, that British produce and manufacturing would become what it was. Why On earth would you take a proud country and its people and turn them into the worlds laughing stock, we need a government with a backbone and a people with unity not all this back biting weirdness and soft liberals. Buy from triumph when they are taking a bigger profit and giving none of the respect back to the country that allowed them to grow, think they may have to rely on world sales at a time when the uk needs British companies ! Very sad.

  11. Australia has given the job of making most of its essential, everyday products to others. Not an auto maker in sight.
    Since the seventies, politicians of all persuasions, have been intent on killing off our manufacturing industries, choosing instead to promote a “Clever Country” future for our economy, selling off our resources whilst we make the transition. Problem is, ideas are really easy to steal and there are countries which are very adept at stealing them. Then you have nothing to sell, except in our case, dirt, which according to bricklayers, we have sold off all the right sort of dirt to lay bricks.
    And if a major trading “partner” decides to take their marbles and not play anymore, you are on your own!
    Triumph, learn from our experience.
    Don’t give all your chickens away and rely on others for your eggs.

  12. I got 5 Hinckley and 1 Meriden/smallheath Triumphs.I will not be buying any more new Triumphs because they are built out there.

  13. So farewell Triumph,why should I buy a thai bike with a british name?If every eutppean workplace is transferred to asua,who can buy anything anyway here?
    Greedy capitalist idiots

  14. sounds to me a case of the bean counters running another iconic brand.
    board level power point presentations convincing those around the table this is the only avenue to take. well nick time to stop relying on the starch in your shirt to keep you upright and boldly go where your father once led, use this opportunity at the cost of factory based jobs in the UK to re instate those jobs when future product and manufacturing growth is necessitated. in that way respect for the brand and yourself will be partly restored. I agree with the above comments from Phillip obviously from Australia as myself, Holden finally died here as local manufacturing stopped and GM thought they could sell holden badged asian models, people stopped buying and within 2 years the brand is now dead . take heed.

    1. I like this comment:

      “…well nick time to stop relying on the starch in your shirt to keep you upright and boldly go where your father once led…”


  15. I am fine with the bikes built in Thailand if they are priced as such. I won’t pay European prices for a bike built in asia. I own an Italian made Ducati and an Austrian made Husqvarna and the cost reflected European build. Triumph are relocating jobs for more margin. Its just business. Perhaps with brexit we will see EU products rocket in price and bring manufacturers back to UK. With environmental legislation looking at the carbon cost of shipping and then putting a green tax on it will mean UK bikes will be UK made in the future??? Who knows. I won’t buy one, so my other bike, an old matchless, will have to fly the flag a bit longer!

    1. Sorry Jason – dunno what Duke you’ve got but Ducati’s Thai plant makes nine models: the Monster, Diavel, Multistrada, Hypermotard, Panigale, Scrambler, XDiavel, Scrambler62. Scrambler’s engine and frame are produced exclusively at the Rayong plant to supply the plant in Italy. So if it’s one of those it’s made in Thailand.

  16. What is it about us Brits? Even HP Sauce is made abroad. Can you imagine the uproar if Ducati and BMW did this?

    Such idiotic, short-sighted mismanagement. It didn’t work for Harley and it won’t work for Triumph. A motorcycle isn’t white goods; people care about its pedigree and provenance.

    I loved my old Bonnie T120 and was considering a new Speed Twin as a second bike. Until I read this, that is.

  17. Alas, chasing profit and return for the shareholders over rides, I agree with the loss of yet another British brand to overseas is a side effect of the brits quitting, Brexit will come back and haunt the brits, as will this, I own a tiger 1200, it’s my last , I will go for the GS1200 next time and will pay for the brand Providence and skill that is in the build quality.

  18. I am returning to biking after a long absence and had my heart set on a new Trident 660….until I read this! I want a British made bike with British character. I will now look for an alternative. False economy Triumph, particularly with our withdrawal from the EU.

  19. Haven’t bought any new bikes since 2000, but boy was I shocked when checking VINs on used Triumph Street Triples to start seeing “CHONBURI, THAILAND” showing up on the site of manufacture data box. What a bloody shame to see the Triumph name sold off for what will eventually become a scooter brand.

  20. Hahahahaha!

    All of you guys saying that Triumph production should remain in the UK are stupiddddd. Here’s the fact guys, this isn’t Triumph’s fault, its just simply impossible for the company to survive in the UK; the country doesnt have the economic/government infrastructure to support it.

    Let me put it simply: Triumph doesn’t have a choice in this matter. Unless you want triumph bikes to all cost 20,000 dollars (like most Harleys; and hence why HD is failing) and probably fail as a company, this is the only option.

    Fact #2 Triumph manufacturing has already DIED in the UK before and the brand was brought BACK! If you guys want “authentic” triumph pedigree, it died before they built factories in Thailand. Do you think that Triumph died the first time because the UK was a great place to build bikes? It wasn’t. And dont give me examples of how Japanese bikes flooded the market in the 80s. Harely Davidson survived because the US protected their low-tech bikes.

    If you want to be mad about Triumph moving abroad, be mad at the UK government/economy.
    If you want an “authentic” motorcycle brand with real pedigree, you won’t find any left in the UK.

    No offense. These are just the facts. I love classic British bikes to death, and I also love modern Triumphs.

    1. Very well said. And fact checked and absolutely true. Great shame but its just the way of the world now. HD aren’t American anymore either. Majority of parts are imported so how can they be called American just because they are assembled there. Hmmmmmmmm…..

    2. Well stated. Just bought two Triumphs over the last two weekends: A T-120 Bud Ekins, and a Tiger 900GT. Both flawless. One of the two owners of the dealership was talking to me about the fact that HD has lost $ every year since the early 2000’s. They may be going the way of the dinosaur 🦕 also. I traded in my HD Softail Deluxe on these two. Very happy with the trade. At my age, I was getting tired of 650-700+ lb bikes….

  21. It seems to me that the problem is that we Brits are a bunch of hypocrites!
    We all, quite rightly, feel entitled to good working conditions, sickness pay, employment rights, decent pensions and a good salary. However, when it comes to parting with our cash, we hate paying the sort of prices that would support the employment of our own countrymen and women.
    The Far East has become the worlds workshop, because of its low labour rates. If you you want ‘made in the UK’ you will have to pay more!

  22. Triumph quality is better than BMW. Look at all the recalls with BMW. The quality control sucks at best. Triumph has fewer issues than the BMW more motorcycle for your motorcycle dollar. I sell both I bought a 1200xc.

  23. I bought my first Triumph this year, and I was proud to say it’s an English made motorcycle, but reading this article, unfortunately I think it was may last Triumph😔

  24. Of course they could still be made in the UK, the company was still profitable when bikes were made at Hinckley, it’s just greed. Same goes for Dyson, he’s not content with being just a billionaire he has to be a multi-billionaire.
    Look at Moto Guzzi for example, still making machines in Italy at realistic prices.
    The thing that really irks me about Triumph is that they still continue to shamelessly plug the British heritage of the brand for all it’s worth.

    1. Three names I always respected, Harley, Triumph, Moto Guzzi.. I think I will just go get a Moto Guzzi, who stood their ground and didn’t expect to get rich off every sale. Heritage should mean something. You make plants in different parts of the world when you expand production and sell them there, not when you are losing money with the workers who gave their lives to you. Just like most normal people who care, you adjust for the family.

  25. 1) European built does not necessarily mean better quality. Look at cars – most of the top ten reliable brands build their vehicles in Asia.

    2) Triumph knows the market with the biggest expansion is Asia, and when other brands like Honda build there, they have to build there to remain competitive. Building in Europe pushes them out of the market. Bear in mind, that Thailand have a lot of free trade deals with many countries.

    3) The consumer is the driver here. Most customers don’t give a toss where it’s built, as long as it’s reliable. And not too expensive. Honda are number one in terms of reliability, and the bulk comes out of Thailand.

  26. Living in Czech Republic and thinking of buying a new Speedmaster, what happens if there should be some recall? Would the bike go back to Malaysia, or England or could it be righted here in CZ?

  27. I had a blazing row with a salesman at Total Triumph Taunton. He could not understand why I said I wanted a British made Triumph, he said the Thai Triumphs were better and British workers were lazy and wanted too many tea breaks. I was absolutely disgusted and left shop before I swung for him.
    I will never step foot in there again.
    Even if he explained the financial reasons I might have agreed, but to slag off the entire British workforce was out of order.

  28. The price of asian made triumphs has not come down which it should because labour etc is cheaper. Greedy bastards

  29. I can understand the economics in production moving to Thailand however one of Triumph’s USPs was that the bikes were produced in England (albeit with many parts from overseas). By moving production to Thailand, Triumph has discarded this USP that many prospective buyers consider important in terms of heritage, pride of ownership. Without this the bikes must compete with every other bike on the market in terms of price, performance, looks. utility etc. It is for that reason that this year when looking to buy a new Speed Triple that instead I bought my first Kawasaki(Ninja 1000). Sorry Triumph – for me at least you’ve blown it!

  30. @David Coram
    Absolutely unbelivable, british workers are too lazy. Triumphs Thai made bikes are better?

    I never brought a new triumph again – because there is no model making in the UK.
    When my Thunderbird have more miles on it – i am looking for an other F2 Made Model.

  31. I saw a Triumph Rocket 3GT in the village this afternoon, awesome looking beast

    I live in Thailand I know they have a factory here, I don’t have experience of their quality, I certainly hope it is better than the usual Thai workmanship which is generally abysmal.
    We all know most components of most everything comes from China, if you want to moan about anyone, look no further

  32. John in Australia the price of Triumph has gone up Asked about a new Speed Triple and the price was $ 28000 Two years ago it was $ 22000 and made in England . They are just ripping us off

  33. Any advice on e10 fuel on a t100 790cc 2002 model bonnie can’t get a straight answer steve o’

  34. What a travesty, another one bites the dust! I had an early Hinkley Thunderbird, having “traded up” from and Enfield Bullet, nice bike, but the sprag clutch went, very low mileage, but just out of warranty, costing a fortune! ( accident waiting to happen!! ) Next bike was to be a Bonnie, but will now be a R E Interceptor, just as much fun, style, for a lot less money, and just as much “British Heritage” as a Triumph.

  35. Here’s the real story (see under). As you can read: Harley Davidson, Ducati, Honda CB300 and CB500 are also made in Thailand as the F-series from BMW and Royal Enfield in India. It’s just business and has nothing to do with nostalgic and nationalistic feelings and sentiments. We have to test and find out if the quality remains the same…

  36. The business / production world is becoming more and more global!

    I was amused by the comment from the guy who didn’t want to buy a Triumph made in Thailand, so he bought a Kawasaki instead- also made in Thailand?!

    “What motorcycles are made in Thailand?

    Nowadays, there are 7 motorcycle manufacturers in Thailand with total capacity of production at 3 million units per year.

    They are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Triumph and Ducati.
    19 Jul 2021”

    A few more:


    How many of us have an IPhone? – made in China.

    What is a Brand? It can’t only be based on where it is made. Surely the Design, and Engineering is the main heart of the product? Apple certainly think so.

    Rolex has one of their main serving and repair centers in Thailand! – Blimey I thought it was 100% Swiss!

    If all Triumphs were produced in the UK not many of us could afford to buy one!

  37. Like many reviewers I’m gutted about what has happened to Triumph motorcycles. I bought a secondhand 1994 Super 3 in 1996 because it was made in Britain. I was so proud of John Bloor and the amazing work he did.
    There is no way I would buy a Thailand built Triumph because I disagree with companies chasing around the world finding the cheapest workers to exploit.

  38. Aprilia and Moto Guzzi motorcycles are all proudly MADE IN ITALY (except Aprilia Scooters, which I don’t consider real motorcycles). This is heritage and integrity.

  39. I am very happy with my 2014 Triumph Thunderbird LT made in the UK. It is a very nice riding and reliable bike. And the fit and finish is excellent. I am not sure about buying a Thailand made Triumph. I understand all the rationale about global business and such but still…. I do wish manufacturers were a little more honest about production origins. I do really want to know where the engine and transmission are made as well as location of final assembly.

  40. I’m taking my 2020 street triple rs to Ducati and trading it for a hypermotard 950sp. Nothing but quickshifter malfunctions and squeaky back brakes.
    The speed triple rs is no better with many reports of problems and build quality issues. Triumph isn’t British as far as I’m concerned.

  41. Picking up a Speed Master Gold Line on Saturday in Fort Worth, Texas. Been in Texas since 1992, Norwich boy originally. Guess I didn’t do enough research. Just a smidge disgruntled at this point and I haven’t even gone a mile on the thing.
    But bright spot – I do have another bike and it’s a Moto Guzzi V7III Stone. Viva Italia!

  42. I’ve been riding SOTA Jap machinery for 40 years and bought a new Triumph Classic in 2020 after getting smitten with the retro look and enjoying a test ride. I’d no idea (and was surprised) they are made in Thailand and guess what, I really couldn’t give a toss. There’s no way I’d ever buy an original 60’s/70’s Triumph, I rode one once and thought it was rubbish but I really love the new Classic with excellent road manners, reliability and seemingly good build quality. Those of you lamenting the loss of British built Triumphs need to get over it and move on, it happens. We’re in the 21st century and the World is a much smaller place than it used to be.

  43. I live in France, which isn’t in China or Thailand, and I can’t get a Triumph Trident (because the dealers can’t get them here) for love nor money. From what i’ve heard i don’t think any of the models are available. So if you have a Triumph from anywhere at all perhaps you are one of the lucky ones.


  44. I have a harley made in usa I have a norton made in england,I put a deposit on a new rocket 3,cancelled when i found out triumph had turned its back on the country and people that birthed it,will probably buy a jap.

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