Zarco limited edition boots from TCX

These boots might come with extra skill included

If you are in a search for a pair of racing boots, the folks at TCX are offering a limited edition series of their popular RT-Race model. The boots are inspired by the Yamaha Tech3, MotoGP rider Johann Marco and they are mainly designed for track use.

The RT-Race Replica Johann Zarco boots come in a black and green finish, featuring a magnesium slider just like the one used by the Tech 3 Rider. Both the heel and toe magnesium sliders are replaceable. The lining is specially designed to offer increased comfort around the ankle and superior breathability for a longer riding session. The safety is enhanced by the Double Flex Control System that keeps the ankle protected without restraining the movement. The shin plate is a new design, and it features iron mesh air intakes for increased ventilation. To make them even more Zarco-looking, there’s a number five on each boot. The price for a pair of these limited edition boots is $390 (329€).

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