2019 BMW R1250GS vs. R1200GS | New vs. Old – in-Depth Review

2019 BMW R1250GS vs. R1200GS | New vs. Old - In-Depth Review 1

BMW R1250GS comes with more engine grunt and refinement than ever. But is it enough to overshadow the R1200GS? Is it enough to make you sell your “old” R1200GS for a half of the new one’s price?

In order to find out, we took both bikes our for a ride: brand-new R1250GS in the HP version and a 65.000 km, 2015 R1200GS. Some highway, a lot of curvy roads, a bit of gravel, a river crossing… almost any condition a GS rider could meet?

So, what’s your choice? The new R1250GS or the old R1200GS and use the rest of the money to go on an adventure trip.

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