Best Commuter Motorcycles of 2020. Our Top Picks

Best Commuter Motorcycles of 2020. Our Top Picks 1

Here are our favorite commuters for this year:

We love riding motorcycles. For the sound, for the fresh air, for the feel of the engine being revved to the redline. But a motorcycle is also the best option for commuting – cheap to run, easy to park, low emissions. We made a shortlist with our favourite commuters for  2020.


The new BMW F900XR might be the best all-rounder on the market. It’s more than a commuter. It’s sporty, yet comfortable, being able to cover the day to day use no matter the surface (as long as it’s not off-road). I remember riding the old S1000XR for a week – it’s a blast, but it’s rough when it comes to bumpy roads, it’s heating up a lot in the city traffic and it vibes. The F900XR is completely different – more friendly, more comfortable, but still providing a good punch to keep you smiling – it’s a true commuter. The only thing we don’t like about it is the turning angle – similar to a sports bike and the low-volume fuel tank – 15.5 liters – but it won’t bother you that much during your commute.

We have a BMW F900XR as a long term test machine – here’s the Unboxing 

bmw f900xr

Honda NC750X DCT

Or long-time favourite when it comes to commuters. It’s not as fun, exciting and good looking as the BMW F900XR, but it’s more affordable to buy and use – about 35% less fuel consumption and cheaper to buy. The NC750 also features a storage compartment where you might think you’ll finde the fuel tank. If picking one, go for the DCT version – the standard one features short gearing which is quite annoying. And, really, why would you want to shift gears when riding in the city traffic.

NC750x3 5410 default large

KTM 390 Adventure

Probably the best entry-level adventure bike on the market. But, first of all, it’s a great commuter. Affordable to buy, cheap to run (3.6 – 4.0 liters/100 km fuel consumption), long service intervals, and impressive tech for this class: it features lean-angle sensitive traction control and abs, adjustable suspension, the same TFT dash as the bigger KTMs that enables smartphone connectivity, even a quickshifter that can be added as an optional powerpart. The engine doesn’t vibe at all and feels very fun to ride, being an amazing daily ride.

Watch our KTM 390 Adventure Review 

ktm 390 advn

Piaggio Medley 125

It doesn’t look, sound, or feels interesting. But it’s not meant for that – we’re talking about commuters. The Piaggio Medley 125 is all about practicality – big wheels, low price and large under-seat storage. Add the optional top-case, and you’ll be able to carry all the staff from the weekend supermarket session. The fuel economy is great, with somewhere around 2.3 liters/100 km fuel consumption, and if you add a big windscreen and leg-cover you’ll get a cold weather-proof machine that you can use the whole season. The Piaggio Medley 125 was updated for 2020: new dash and some technical updates. It’s just about to arrive in our long-term test press fleet, and we’ll get back to you with the full coverage.

medley 125

Honda CB500 range – the CB500X and Rebel 500 are our favourites

Honda know how to build a great commuter. It has that right balance between good looks, affordability and practicability that makes their mid-segment bikes such a great choice for everyday use. The CB500 series is very successful, and we have two favourites – the CB500X and the Rebel 500.

The CB500X is the adventurous one, with 19 inches front and touring weather protection, while the Rebel 500 comes with bobber lines and low seat, but uses the same engine. The Rebel 500 was updated for 2020: the suspension was modified, the headlight is LED right now and there’s a gear indicator on the dash.

honda rebel 500

Honda CB500X thumb 7861

3 thoughts on “Best Commuter Motorcycles of 2020. Our Top Picks

  1. Why are you considering the Piaggio Medley 125 as a commuter motorcycle, I think it comes under the scooters section not under the motorcycle category.

  2. I have a Burgman 650 Executive with a large givi windscreen. Has electric fold in mirrors for filtering, huge storage, big comfy seat, incredible weather protection, automatic, good grunt (650 twin) and easy to self service. Should be up the top of the list

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