BMW F900R vs. Honda CB650R – Review

BMW F900R vs. Honda CB650R - Review 1

Both the BMW F900R and Honda CB650 express the purest form of motorcycling – they’re roadsters: they’re keeping just the essential stuff, without unnecessary plastics. Well, the BMW features a bit of more tech, compared to the Honda, but.. still, you can feel the wind, the sun, the rain, and all you see besides the handlebar is the twisty road. 

We took them out for a ride on twisty roads, we had fun while commuting in the city, we even did some kilometers on the highway and we tried to spot the difference between them. You can watch our impressions in the video below.

The price:
BMW F900R – €8,600 – Standard (TFT Dash, Riding modes) ; €11,110 – bike in test (Dynamic ESA, Keyless Ride, Pro Riding Modes)

Honda CB650R – €8,150

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