BMW R Nine T – the Bavarian Fistfighter

BMW R nine T - The Bavarian Fistfighter 1

A custom wonder from Taiwan’s Rough Crafts

Custom motorcycle builders develop their own style and visual signature over time. It goes without saying that each new custom build highlights the personal taste of the maker when it comes down to design and technical solutions picked for the project.

It is the same in the case of Winston Yeh, the front man of Taiwan's Rough Crafts. His design style has become a trademark that cannot be overlooked.

Today we're going to talk about one of his builds that stunned me with its style and details: The Bavarian Fistfighter.

rough crafts bavarian fistfighter1 (11)

This custom bike started out as a BMW R nine T, a bike that already looks custom-made as it exits the gates of the Bavarian factory. You might think that it would be hard to make a better-looking bike from a factory custom. And it truly is. But there are builders who think in a different way and who see this retro-styled roadster as a blank canvas.

Winston did the same, and according to him, the goal for this custom was to pay tribute to BMW's history and combine old-school lines and style with modern technology.

rough crafts bavarian fistfighter1 (5)

Talking about lines, check out the fuel tank. The indents on both sides of the tank remind of the design used on early BMW models such as the R75/7.

As for the stance of this bike, you may ask yourself whether a café racer seat cowl wouldn't have been a better choice. The answer is no. This seat is unique for this bike model, and it is similar to rubber seats used on the first BMW models such as the legendary R66.

rough crafts bavarian fistfighter1 (7)

Other stunning details are the front cowl, the off-centered headlight, and the ventilation holes. They really bring out the badass character of this motorcycle. It's one of the customs that can proudly wear not only the BMW badge but also the Bavarian brand's heritage.

Photos by JL Photography

Check out the Rough Crafts website for more awesome custom builds and bike parts.

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