F850GS vs. Africa Twin vs. Tiger 800 | OFF-ROAD Review

F850GS vs. Africa Twin vs. Tiger 800 | OFF-ROAD Review 1

It’s off-road time! The rivals: BMW F850GS, Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports and Triumph Tiger 800 XCa – all of them are 2018 my bikes and all of them are new for this year. Watch the story in the main window above and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more. 

The 2018 BMW F850GS was built from scratch – it’s an all-new motorcycle. Featuring tubeless rims, refined electronics, a new engine and a redesigned chassis, it aims for the middleweight adventure motorcycle crown. But it has some tough rivals. 

The Africa Twin was revamped for 2018 – it got a ride by wire thorttle (still no cruise control), 7-level traction control, riding modes, a revised airbox and exhaust and an anniversary version – the Adventure Sports which offers a bigger tank (24 liters), improved weather protection and a longer-travel suspension.

The Triumph Tiger 800 was also updated for 2018 – better electronics, improved user experience and a new dash and Triumph claims that the engine develops 95 horsepower – the same figure as the Africa Twin and the F850GS. We hat the XCa version, with a 21 inches front and a lot of comfort aids. 

In the first episode we took them out for a street test, to figure out which one is the best for touring and curvy roads, but these are not just some touring machines. 

These are adventure bikes, and an adventure motorcycle should work both on and off-road. So we left the asphalt and went to some scenic unpaved routes in the Apuseni Mountains in Romania to see who’s the best and to pick a winner. All bikes were fitted dual sport tires. 

So, which is the best middleweight adventure motorcycle for 2018? The BMW F850GS, the Honda Africa Twin or the Triumph Tiger 800 XCa?

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