Honda CBR600RR. What I Learned After 10,000 Miles

Honda CBR600RR. What I learned after 10,000 miles 1

Five things i’ve learned after a three years with Honda CBR600RR

Honda CBR600RR is probably the most popular 600cc sports bike, and its reputation is well deserved. Honda left this bike almost untouched for ten straight years, and it managed to face its peers. I just finished my third year behind the bars of a 2008 Honda CBR600RR. Here are five things I learned about this awesome bike. 

The best frame I’ve ever ridden 

No kidding! Right from the begining of my CBR600RR track days, this bike left me speechless. The bike was stock for the first two years, and I used it mainly in the city for commuting.  But on the track I got an absolutely amazing feeling: I didn’t finish my thought, and the bike was one step ahead. I’ve got the feeling of a sharp steering bicycle. There was no fighting to lean it, it felt easy and stick to the asphalt.

Smooth power delivery

I can’t count the times I was a split second from a highside, but the bike had a way of getting back on track when I released the throttle. The delivery to the rear wheel is smooth and very predictable while the engine brake won’t rip your hands off. I recommend the RR with all my heart to every novice in search of a supersport. The power is not outrageous – the stock setup got me 104 HP on the Dyno – a very satisfying number. The throttle is the regular cabl- actioned and free of unwanted explosions. I would say it’s perfect for beginners.

Comfortable position

The position was the aspect that convinced me to buy it. Before this model, I owned a few first generation CBRs and they were hard as hell on my wrists. But not this one. I remember going for 60 miles without any numbness, and that is huge for a sport bike. Although it felt good, the first change I made was to fit it with higher handlebars. It changed the bike a lot. A it gave me a sports-touring bike sensation.

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No slippery clutch

The biggest downside of this model besides the absence of a ride-by-wire throttle is the lack of slippery clutch. Last year I went to a lot of track days, and I felt the desperate need of a slippery clutch. I had to take my time and think my line thorough, otherwise I would slide and hop with rear every time. Probably the CBR600RR would have been a perfect bike if Honda improved it with slippery and ride-by-wire.

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Reliable engine

I managed to pull 10,000 miles behind the bars of my CBR600RR without any problems whatsoever. The only times I took it to service was for improvements or to change the oil. I did my oil change every 3,000 miles and this was the only engine related service operation ever made on this bike. The engine sound was the same since first day till now. The only thing I hate about it is the vibrations that I get after 7000 revolutions, but this is something natural for every sports bike.



The day I bought her

Honda CBR 600 RR boil

Too hot outside… boiling engine

Honda CBR600RR crashî

High-speed high-side

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