Increased Motorcycle Comfort for Less Than $100

Increased Motorcycle Comfort for Less Than $100 1
Raise your bike’s comfort levels with five cheap add-ons While touring or just commuting to work, some extra comfort won’t hurt. Personally, I hate long motorcycle trips because I get numb after the first 60 miles. Fortunately, solutions for increased comfort are cheap and easy to find. All you have to do is check the list below and make sure you fit your ride with the accessories that you don't already have.

Handlebar risers

Handlebar risers are the perfect solution for a relaxed position. The riding posture may generate some back problems in the long term if not corrected. What you want is to find a relaxed, upright position to release the pressure from your wrists. The risers come in different dimensions and are very easy to fit. Usually, a kit costs around $70 and includes longer bolts for easy fitment. 2015新しいcncオートバイハンドルバーライザー高まりデバイス用ホンダcb400 vtec 1 2 3 4 cb1300

Wide handlebar

I've always wondered how police motorcycles are able to make tight radius turns and lean very quickly. I found out how after riding a BMW R1200RT. The secret is the wide handlebar that rises towards you. Also, the maneuverability typical to big adventure bikes comes from the wide handlebar. A naked bike is fitted with a 60-centimeter handlebar, but for $50 you can get a larger 67-cm one. The maximum width is 80-cm used for MX bikes. This change translates into better maneuverability and a more relaxed position. imageeafe170299b3

Cruise control

You can relax your left hand, but you have to keep the throttle open if you want to maintain the speed. The right-hand wrist gets to do all the work. No worries here, you can find a mechanical cruise control or a small plastic clip that will release the pressure of your palm. These little helpers vary from $10 to as much as $100, depending on how complicated they are. CrampbusterCB1_Motorcycle Cruise Control Detail 2

Gel Saddle 

Motorcycle saddles are not very comfortable, and that's a fact. Get rid of the pain in your bottom for real with a small gel pad that will make you forget about discomfort or numbness. They are made out of silicone gel and offer extra cushioning. The price for a universal gel pad is around $40, and the comfort difference is huge. 2cac7745 dd60 438d 8d53 93966f39492f

Knee wind deflectors

Every biker who rides in cold weather encounters a huge problem in the knee area. The torso is protected by the windshield, but the knees always get frozen. It's a very unpleasant feeling. But, with the help of wind deflectors, you can protect your knees from the cold weather. They can be fitted next to the front suspension legs or on the crash bars and cost around $40 — a small price for the job they do. 561 470_A

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