Lazareth’s Honda GL1800 Goldwing Leaning Reverse Trike

Custom touring machine – a fresh design from the French master builder

French manufacturer LAZARETH builds some of the most outrageous custom motorcycles, three-wheelers, and quads.

When you think of a custom bike, most of the time you imagine something shiny, chromed and not so comfortable for your back. 

The synonym for comfort in the motorcycle world is the big touring machine, the likes of the Honda Goldwing 1800.

But what happens when you mix up two different worlds — the custom and touring cultures, for example? Well, just ask Ludovic Lazareth, the owner of the namesake company. He mated a Honda GL 1800 Goldwing to the front-end design of the Piaggio Mp3, and the result is a custom three-wheeler tourer.

goldwing lazareth 3

A new steering system was developed, and the standard forks were replaced by a front pendulum that is mounted on different points of the chassis.

The turning radius, tilt angle, and wheelbase were preserved to keep the original ease of handling. The standard front wheel was replaced by two five-spoke 17-inch Honda VFR alloy wheels. The large track width obtained at the front, along with the hydraulic braking system, are said to offer fabulous stability, braking performance and gripping power, regardless of the surface you are rolling on.

The tilting mechanism has a lock with the purpose of making the maneuvering of this behemoth effortless and without touching the ground with the feet.

This special Goldwing is a prototype that was commissioned by a customer and is perfectly functional and homologated in France. Before telling us whether you’d like to ride one or not, you should know the LAZARETH team is open to suggestions for similar custom projects.

According to their website, if “you have an idea or the desire for a new vehicle,” you should contact them. The team is there to build the vehicle of your dreams, with the engine and number of wheels of your choosing!

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