Lighten Up Your Trip With a Set of Additional Lights

Lighten up your trip with a set of additional lights 1

A closer look at the auxiliary LED lights on the market

We all hate dark roads, and unfortunately, motorcycle headlights are not always enough. The LED additional lights are the first mods to consider. Enhanced safety and looks are the first things that come with a set of auxiliary lights.

They are easy to mount, and fortunately, the LED comes with superior lighting and lasts longer than a light bulb. The list of benefits of the LED also includes low power consumption, water and dust proof design and a lightweight construction. We’ve gathered all the options on the market, and we’ve made a list of the most popular choices.

Touratech additional lights 

Touratech is already known for the high quality touring and adventure add-ons. The LED lights they provide are available for various motorcycle models and come with all the mounting elements. Touratech offers a complete set of instructions and guaranteed fitment. The price for a set of LED auxiliary lights for a big adventure bike like the new Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin is $399.

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SW Motech EVO lights

The EVO lights share the same design with the Touratech LEDs. The company offers all the instructions and materials needed for a precise fitment. The price for a set of additional lights for the same Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin is $396.

sw motech lights

PIAA LED additional lights

You might remember PIAA from the automotive world. They build auxiliary lights for trucks and off-road vehicles. The additional lights they produce are not designed for a particular brand or bike model, they are made to fit various types. The kits come in different sizes and colors, and the price for a basic model is $324.

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Wunderlich ATON additional lights

Unfortunately, the German manufacturer comes with an offer strictly for BMW motorcycles. For example, the ATON additional lights model from Wunderlich comes with a crash bar mounting clamp and can be fitted on various bike models. The price for a set of Wunderlich lights is $429.

BMW Wunderlich LED additional head light ATON   black1533

Chinese LED additional lights

You can find a pair of the Chinese made LED additional lights all over the internet. The entire kit costs around $15-$20 and they even work. The bad thing about them is that they spread the light all over the place and you need to be an engineer to fit them properly. 

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