Safest Helmets Under $200

Safest Helmets under $200 1

Sharp approved and wallet friendly

We know it sounds unbelievable, but according to Sharp (The Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) safety can come with less money. These guys perform a set of rigorous tests on motorcycle helmets so you can choose only the best. 

For every helmet model, the folks at Sharp are running 32 impact tests on seven helmets across a range of sizes to assess how well each helmet could protect the brain in the unlikely event of a crash. Here are five of the safest full face helmets under $200 that we bet you didn’t even think about.


Who would have thought that a $170 helmet can achieve five starts at the Sharp tests? The HJC IS-17 is a full face sports-touring looking piece of gear that features everything you need for daily use. It even comes with an integrated smoke-tinted sun shield that makes even more versatile. The shell is made out of advanced polycarbonate, with an impact absorbing multiple density EPS liner. The interior is antibacterial and, it can be removed and washed while the ventilation system offers a generous amount of air inside. For the locking system, HJC fitted the IS-17 with a double D ring strap to raise the safety level. The price: $140 – online [affiliate link]


Airoh Valor

The looks are very important for many riders and for that, Airoh offers a wide range of paint scheme for their futuristic-looking Valor model. The shell is made out of thermoplastic HRT, and the shape makes it look like a race-biased helmet. It features an ultra wide-visor for an increased field of view with a Pinlock ready design. The inner lining is fully removable and, the ventilation level is at its best with three frontal intakes and two-large rear extractors. This $120 helmet might seem way too cheap to be bought, but it comes with a Sharp five-star recommendation. The Price: $134 – online [affiliate link]

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MT Revenge

The MT name is more likely to be known between the smaller displacement riders as the company offers a wide range of open-face helmets at very low prices. The Revenge on the other half is a fair packge that comes with modern design, washable interior, a fair ventilation system and an impressive price tag. For $100 you can buy one and, you will get the highest Sharp safety rating that money can buy. 


Nolan N86

The sporty-streamliner looks of the N86 are pretty common in the motorcycle world. This helmet is around for more than ten years, and it still good enough to buy one. The highlights of the Nolan N86 are the integrated sunglasses and the intercom ready pocket on the chin guard. The interior is fully detachable and, it can be washed and although the polycarbonate shell might seem old the N86 costs only $190 and it got four stars at the Sharp tests. The price: $159 – online [affiliate marketing]



The guys at Shark came up with a rather interesting design for the SKWAL helmet, they’ve added a set of LED accents around the front and rear vents to make the rider visible while riding at night. The unique looks make it a one of a kind while the safety standards recommend as a helmet to have. With a total of four stars achieved at the Sharp tests and a price tag of only $200, you can glow in the dark while remaining safe. The price – $180-$250 online [affiliate link]


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