Seven Bad Habits That Are Ruining Our Helmets

Seven bad habits that are ruining our helmets 1

Take care of your helmet and it will take care of you

It doesn't fit anymore, smells bad, the liner is ruined, the visor is scratched – these are the main problems we come across with our helmets. Still, you can avoid them without a big effort. If you get rid of all these bad habits, you will be amazed how good your helmet will look after two or three years of intense use.

Don’t hang the helmet on the mirror

Hanging up the helmet on the bike is a common habit between bikers, but is very harmful for the helmet interior. The mirror will press the lining in certain points wearing it ahead of its time. When it comes to full face helmets the lining at the base of the helmet will be teared-off in less than a year just because of mounting it on the mirror. 


Don’t leave your gloves inside

Everybody leaves their gloves inside the helmet, it's like a ritual that comes in natural every time you take your gloves off. This procedure is not recommended for your helmet interior. The gloves are dirty, carry a lot of germs, and usually sweaty. Mixing the sweats is not the smartest thing you can do. The helmet will catch ugly smells, and the interior will be ruined after a few uses.


Don’t wear the helmet on your hand

Putting your arm inside the helmet is very convenient when you are fully geared, and you want to use your hand, but this will ruin your helmet interior. Try to get rid of this habit because the helmet will get larger and larger every time you do this ending up an XL size from an M.


Don’t grab your helmet by the visor

It may seem weird, but it happened at least once to every biker. This is a bad treatment for the screen mechanism. The visor will no longer stay open, falling down every time you get on a bumpy road of after 20mph.


Try to keep the helmet ventilated

After every longer riding session, you must leave your helmet up-side-down with the visor opened. This way the interior lining will get some time to dry out, otherwise, it will become smelly and unbearable on your head.

Don’t use sanitising spray 

Most helmets feature a detachable interior lining and padding that can be washed. The helmet manufacturer recommends you to wash it from time to time. The easier way to clean it is to use a sanitising spray that will give it a fresh interior, but it will only clean it at the surface, while the dirt is still inside.

Don’t use paper towels to clean the visor

The latest visors are usually scratch proof but don’t rely on that feature because scratches will show up very soon if you don’t clean it properly. Try to stay away from wet wipes and paper towels because these will create micro-scratches that will eventually degrade the visor. Use a clean microfibre cloth and window cleaning solution, and the result will be spectacular.

4 thoughts on “Seven Bad Habits That Are Ruining Our Helmets

  1. Hey

    I like the points that you have mentioned in the article. These are the things that we often do in our daily life. Especially me, I used to grab my helmet by the visor. Guess what? It often falls down every time I get on a bumpy road. Such a bad habit.


  2. You are damn right. Your helmet will be completely ruined until you take care of it after every ride. My helmet has completely degenerated for a careless attitude. Now, I am cleaning it after every ride and the helmet is the same as it was bought.

  3. There is a company that has fixed the dropping or putting the helmet on the mirror problem.

    A guy invented a Helmet Hook in 2013 and has sold it ever since. It eliminates having to put your lid on the ground, seat or the mirror or other undesirable places.

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