Seven Things You’ll Never Learn in Driving School

Seven Things You'll Never Learn in Driving School 1
Stay away from red cars. Hot girls don’t use to wash motorcycles Motorcycle wisdom comes with experience. No matter how studious you are or how good your teacher is, there are some thing you'll have to learn by yourself. 

How to do a stoppie

Imagine how cool it would be to manage some cool stunts when right after you get your license. Is not easy but it’s safer to try it while you are in school. It's a great advantage to know how to modulate a brake. Anything can occur on the streets, and you can find yourself lifting the rear under hard braking and get scared. The solution is to practice it on a track or anywhere else safe. 28367487352_5a3f4a7ef9_b

Wash your bike from time to time

I don’t know about you, but I used to think that I should go only at special motorcycle wash. You can do it easily at home with some water and the right cleaning products. Don’t leave it dirty for half a year just because your saddle is still ok to sit on. The debris can end up damaging important parts of your bike, and you will end up paying a lot for something you could simply avoid. No hot chick will ever wash your bike. 

Hot chicks dig the sport bikes

The first bike is always a compromise. You will buy a bike that your friends recommend or just because you practiced on a similar model in school. Only a few novice riders keep their first ride for a long time. A thing is for sure nobody tells you that good looking girls go only for the sport and shiny bikes.

Stay away from red cars

Avoid at any cost the red cars. It might be a life saver. The red cars usually hide a blond girl inside that is more concerned about checking her make-up than the mirrors. Lately, the most accidents I’ve heard about were involving a girl riding a small red car. So stay away. blonde.png

Don’t go for a ride in short pants

A hot summer day might get you more than a ride, severe burns and a small crash. Don’t go out wearing short pants. The engine covers and frame will get very hot. Make sure your ankles are covered. For this reason in every motorcycle movie, the guys always wear long jeans. 

Bring a rain coat

The first rain that catches your after you get the license will make you think twice about riding a motorcycle. At least this is how I felt. The solution is to leave a rain coat underneath the passenger seat, or in any storage compartment. It will save you from riding wet and catching a bad cold. h d_rainsuits_action

Do a short check-up from time to time

Things can go horribly bad if you spot a problem too late. For example, if your fork oil gets on the front discs or if one of your tires loses pressure, the bike will lack control or brakes. Not a cool feeling. Don’t wait until you spot them while riding. Check your bike at least every two weeks just for safety.

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