10 Must Have Motorcycle Tools – Video Tutorial

10 Must Have Motorcycle Tools - Video Tutorial 1

Before starting to work on your bike consider buying these tools

From the Service manual to the Allen Key and Torque Wrench, there are some tools that every biker should have in his garage. Here's our list. 

Service manual

First and the most important is the service manual. It's not expensive and it tells you all you need to know. It’s like a motorcycle bible.

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Ratchet and socket tool kit

The basic home tools are perfect for a lot of motorcycle service operations. But besides spanners, screwdrivers and pliers you must have a ratchet and socket kit. Without them forget about even starting.

Torque wrench

A torque wrench is mandatory for your garage. If you check your service manual, you will see that everything must be tightened at a certain torque. Try to go by the book as much as possible.

Carburettor synchronizer

If you own a multi-cylinder bike, you will need to synchronise your carburettors or the injection system from time to time. This way all your cylinders will get an even amount fuel and air mixture that makes your engine run smoother.

Chain braking and riveting tool

A chain breaking and riveting tool will allow you to change the sprockets and chain by yourself. With this tool, you can rivet any type of chain link. Considering a chain’s life goes around ten thousand miles, this tool will come in handy.

Rear and front stand

The garage life saver is a rear stand. It’s not heavy, it's cheap, and it helps a lot. The rear stand is mandatory but if you also can buy a front one, don’t hesitate.

Allen key

The allen key is a very important tool for motorcycles. From removing your wheels to other operations, a 4 in one Allen Key will be very useful. But you must own a complete set of allen and torx bits.


Let’s not forget that bikes have a lot of wiring and relays. The best tool to deal with them is the multimeter. It will get you to the middle of the problem in no time.

Fork seal driver and graduated cylinder                                                                                                       

If you feel prepared, you can go for even more complicated operations like replacing your fork seals or oil. For this, you will need a fork seal driver and a graduated cylinder.

Brake bleeder

The last important tool is the brake bleeder. You can buy a manually operated bleeder or one that works with compressed air. It helps remove the air from the braking system or the hydraulic clutch system.

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