Africa Twin Crash Bar Install – Video Tutorial

Africa Twin crash bar install - Video Tutorial 1

WWant a bulletproof adventure bike? The crash bar is the first thing on the list

The Legendary Twin from Honda is one of the top options when it comes to adventure travelling. The CRF1000L seems a to be a ready to go anywhere bike Just look at the 21-inch front wheel and rally raid inspired dash. Unfortunately, the engine and the side fairings are a bit expose. For this particular reason, you should consider fitting extra protections.

The Africa Twin comes with a metal skid in the stock setup, but this is not enough for rough terrain. The rocky paths or river crossings will always spice up the trip, but the bike has to be ready to handle everything.  Serious bike damage on the trails can be fatal for your bike. The crash bar is your answer for every type of bike or rider no matter the type of roads you choose.

We bought a set of Touratech crash bars and fitted them on a CRF1000L. The Africa Twin can be fitted with both lower and upper crash bars, and we’ve opted for both. Check the video below to see the entire mounting process and the tips we share.

The crash bars are the best choice when it comes to bulletproofing your ride. Besides protection, I think they also add up to the looks. We went for Touratech because of the precise fitment and reliability the company offers for all their products. With the Africana ready to tackle any kind of roads we can not wait to share our next adventures.

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