How to Balance a Motorcycle Wheel – Video Tutorial

How to Balance a Motorcycle Wheel - Video Tutorial 1

You can balance your motorcycle wheel by yourself. Here are some simple steps

Every car or motorcycle wheel must be balanced before spinning on the road. Without this operation, shivering and wobbling will become routine. The wheels nowadays are made out of lightweight forged materials, and they tend to bend very easy. Remember to check them every time you change your tires or after going on bumpy roads.

Watch the video below to see how to balance a motorcycle wheel by yourself and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for similar videos. 

The balancing operation can be performed with the help of various tools, but the static balancing tool is the easiest and cheapest to work with. You can buy a static wheel balancer, or you can build one by yourself.

The static balancing tool comes with its own axle and cones that must be fitted inside the wheel hub. After you tighten the cones against the bearing inner races, you can mount the wheel on the balancer. Remember to remove all the weights remaining on the rim.

The principle is simple the wheel will start to spin until the heavier part of the rim will come in the lower part exactly in the middle. Now you need to compensate by adding wheel weights in the exact opposite spot. You can use some tape to mark the exact spot.

Knowing the exact spot on the wheel where you should add weights, start with a few grams until you get the exact amount. Don’t peel off the entire amount. Work with different amounts just to get it right this way you won’t waste too much.

Spin the wheel in a few different positions just to be sure you manage to balance it right. After you finish the job, mask the weights with some duct tape. Find one in the same wheel colour. When you’re done, mount it back on the bike, and you are ready to go.

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