How to Transform Your Street Bike Into a Track Winner


Five easy steps to follow for building a reliable and safe track bike

Track days are gaining more and more fans. The number of bikers that change the road for safer environment like the circuit is increasing every year. It’s a lot of fun, and the chances of being hit by a car don’t exist. Here is a guide on the things you need to change on your motorcycle in order to hit the track keeping it reliable.

Comfort comes first – Rear sets and handlebars

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The internet is now filled with gear and add-ons. A true passionate rider will spend even the last dollar wanting for a one-second faster laptime. But there is no need for fancy systems or lighter frames. Your first concern is to feel comfortable on the bike. You need to change your stock rear sets with racing ones. You will be able to adjust your leg position and you won’t get the pegs sliding on the asphalt. The regular handlebars are built to be fitted in one position. You will encounter wrist problems if you keep the stock ones. On the other hand, the racing ones weight less, they have longer bars and they can be fitted at a larger angle. Setting them up in the proper position will help you hang off the bike without big effort.


Race fairings are cheaper and easy to repair

Forget about ruining your stock fairings on the track and spending precious time covering your lights with Duct-Tape. The race fairings will work out fine. They are a bit lighter than the ABS ones and can be painted however you want. The main advantage is that the repair is straightforward (power tapes is the best choice) and they are very easy to mount.



The regular 1000 or 600 engine can handle a lot, but now you can do a lot of modifications. We recommend to keep it as stock as possible. Tuning the engine will end up losing its reliability. Add a sport air filter, a full racing exhaust and remove, if possible, the emissions control systems. With this minimal changes, you can enjoy it long term without worries.


Brakes and fluids

On the track, the brakes tend to heat up really quick and loose their efficiency. The solution is to mount new sintered or race brake pads. The brake fluids also need to be replaced. You can change it from DOT 4 to a higher grade so it can handle higher temperatures.


The electronic systems fitted on latest generation bikes are quite sophisticated. From engine management to ABS cornering and Traction control, they all come in handy. The first thing you need to be concerned about is the engine management. The market is filled with injection modules and-Traction control systems, but if you have to choose, go for the injection modules. It will help a lot. If you don’t have them, don’t rush. You rather change the engine oil after every track day and invest in your training. The first thing you need to improve is your riding ability.

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