Spring Motorcycle Check-Up and Preparation – Video Tutorial

Spring Motorcycle Check-up and Preparation - Video Tutorial 1

Safety comes first. Make sure your motorcycle works properly before your first ride.

It's almost spring and we bet that you can't wait to go out. Don't do it without a basic pre-season check-up. After every long-time storage, you have to check your bike before going out. Here’s a list of nine aspects you have to verify.

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Change the oil/Check the oil level

If you did’t manage to refresh the oil, now is a good time. This is the first major operation you should do before every new season. Keep in mind to check the oil level. Use a dipstick or oil level glass.

Check for oil leaks

Take a good look at your engine covers and underneath your bike. It's possible to get some oil leaks after the winter storage. Use a torch lamp to inspect for unwanted traces.


A battery tender comes in very handy during the winter storage. If you don’t have one, start your bike from time to time, so it won’t let you down before the new season. Check your battery with a multimeter to be sure that you still have 12.5 Volts to start up. Otherwise use a battery charger to get it back in shape.

Check the lights

The lights must be checked from time to time. You have to check the running lights, the turning lights and the brake lights. They are the most important communication channels between you and the traffic.


The chain sag should be checked before the new season. A bit of lube won’t hurt also. If you spot any problems try to adjust or remediate before it gets worn.

Check the controls

Don’t leave room for any surprises. Your controls must work perfectly. A clogged throttle will get you in some serious trouble. Make sure everything is lubed and in good working condition.

Visual inspection

Eye check everything on your bike. Search for loosen bolts or anything that seems out of order. Try to ply the pegs and pedals just to make sure. See if the fairings are holding together tightly and if the front fork has any leakages.

Tyre pressure

Very important check the tyre pressure to be accordingly with the manufacturer or with the bikes specifications that are specified on the swingarm sticker.

Check the brakes

The brakes have to get your attention. Check the brakes pads the brake fluid level and if your brake pump is still doing service. If you feel something unusual or a spongy lever, you must fix it right away. 

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