2017 Honda CBR1000RR Exhaust Selection. Let There Be Rock!

2017 Honda CBR1000RR exhaust selection. Let there be rock! 1
Upgrade your 2017 Blade with one these exhaust systems The new Blade will look even better without that big and ugly muffler. Unfortunately, due to the emissions regulations all the latest superbikes share the same problem. If you are planning to buy a new exhaust for your 2017 Honda CBR1000RR here are some good options.

Akrapovic Slip-on line

This GP-styled muffler is plug and play. You can enjoy it without changing the fuel mapping or removing the ex-up. Akrvpovic claims that the slip-on is a great balance between price and performance. The power increase is around 4.5HP and the weight cut is over 4Kg. The Slip-on will also fit SP and SP2 models but forget about street riding or highway. It's made out of titanium and the price for this beauty goes around $675. a5478893 c33c 4d40 8ee9 7a771e07ad90.png

Yoshimura Alpha T Street

The Japanese exhaust manufacturer comes up with a street legal and cool sounding muffler for the CBR. Available both in titanium and stainless steel combined with a carbon fibre end cap the Alpha T is claimed to be half as heavy as the stock exhaust. The power gain is around two and a half horse power. The sound is close to the GP due to a tapered conical sleeve that gives it a higher note. The price for a Alpha T muffler is $899 and the best partis that you can use it on public roads. 12202MP720_C_L

Arrow Pro Race

The former Honda favourite exhaust provider Arrow offers a cool GP styled muffler. It’s made out of titanium and it features a silencer and a link pipe. Unfortunately, this exhaust is not road legal and it might need ex-up removal. Screen Shot 2017 06 06 at 16.25.50.png

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