2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic Revealed. Features & Price

2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic Revealed. Features & Price 1

Indian presents a new version of its touring family – the Roadmaster Classic

The Road Master Classic is not an entirely new motorcycle. In fact, it’s a Roadmaster fitted with different accessories. 

The most obvious difference: instead of hard cases, the Roadmaster Classic features leather saddlebags and trunk. This leather thing comes with a smaller price compared to the old Roadmaster. While the basic Roadmaster costs $28,999, The Roadmaster Classic version comes with a $26,999 price tag. 

Besides the luggage system, we have another color theme and no side-fairing. Still, the Roadmaster Classic is fitted with an infotainment system, power windshield and heated seats and grips. 

Indian Roadmaster Classic 11

The new Roadmaster version also features LED lights and adjustable footboards. 

As for the powerplant, it’s the already known Thunder Stroke 111 (1,811 cc) engine – capable of 119.2 ft-lbs (161.6 Nm) @ 3,000 rpm. The fuel tank has a 20 liters (5,5 gal) volume, while the wet weight of the bike passes the 400 kg mark (406 kg with a full tank). 

Indian Roadmaster Classic 16

Indian Roadmaster Classic 15

Indian Roadmaster Classic 13

Indian Roadmaster Classic 12

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