2018 Yamaha R1M – Stock Exhaust vs Akrapovic Evo Line (Titanium) | Install and Soundcheck

2018 Yamaha R1M - Stock exhaust vs Akrapovic Evo Line (Titanium) | Install and Soundcheck 1
We’re preparing this 2018 Yamaha R1M for racing and the first mod is this Akrapovic Evo system – one of the best looking and top performance aftermarket exhausts. The job took us around two hours but the result was far better than we expected. You can watch the video in the main window above or directly on our YouTube channel.  The throttle response is now sharper and the bike feels a lot more powerful. Together with the racing exhaust system we’ve also fitted a Power Commander fuel module to make sure everything is running perfect. Guaranteed satisfaction, so stay tuned for the next video that will take place on track. Watch more: 2018 Yamaha R1M Unboxing and Engine Start-Up
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