2021 Yamaha MT-09 Receives Updates – Larger Engine and More Power

Yamaha MT-09 will get a set of updates for 2021. The engine displacement will enhance from the current 847cc to most likely 890cc according to a new type approval documents found on the German Federal Transport Authority (KBA). Also, the engine’s power delivery will increase from 114 hp to 120 hp. 

Yamaha will update the MT-09 engine in order to meet the new Euro 5 standard which will take effect starting from January 1st 2021. Thus, every motorcycle brand will have to update its new models. This means that the middle-weight naked bike will feature a small increase in displacement that will give the motorcycle a slight power delivery enhance.

Documents from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) preview the bike’s larger displacement from 847cc to most likely 890cc as the new code MTN890D suggests. Moreover, the current Yamaha MT-09 version goes under the code MTN850, so taking this into count, the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 could have an engine displacement pretty close to 890cc. As far as the 2021 updates go, only the MT-09 is listed in the documents, but most likely the sister models like Tracer 900, Tracer 900 GT, XSR 900 and Niken will soon follow these changes as well.

A larger engine means more power output and this means that the power delivery will go from 114 hp to 120 hp. The engine is set to become Euro5 compliant and produce less emissions – 366 mg/km of carbon monoxide (CO), 34 mg/km of unburnt hydrocarbons (HC), and 9 mg/km of oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

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9 thoughts on “2021 Yamaha MT-09 Receives Updates – Larger Engine and More Power

  1. The only thing who bothers CP3 owners are the 948cc and 125p from Z900’s.

    I love my Tracer, it’s funny all the F850 GS, Tiger 800/900, Africa Twins trying to catch up with us.

  2. Agreed, although an aftermarket screen helps, I have the GT version and have had the suspension settings adjusted by an expert. Reasonably ok now. Still a great bike for the money, love that triple power delivery.

  3. Honestly I saw it emerge. I really like it. I want to take it. Hopefully everyone will accept it well. Thank you.

  4. My Wife has a MT09 and its fantastic. How they could get the Tracer so wrong with such a brilliant platform to start with.
    I was recently leant a Tracer by the dealership while my MT10 was in having a service. Unfortunately it was the worst bike I’d ever riden, awful thing. Uncomfortable, slow, and absolutely no grip and definately not a good confidence builder at all.

  5. I have a 19 07 and 20 mt09 the 900 is off the hook , the motor is one best i have owned and from a drop it will pull off the line with a lot of bikes.

  6. Have 2 2018 MT09’S and a 2018 SXR900 with the up dates I am past 125 hp only up grade I see needed is the SPEDO on the MT SXR us fine, and sell the SP package in the USA. How stupid of Yamaha does not to offer the SP package to the USA what the hell do they think we do not have money we have the best economy in the world. I like the tracer 900gt looking hard WE WILL SEE.

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