Aftermarket Oil Filters Banned From Various Competitions

Aftermarket Oil Filters Banned From Various Competitions 1
Make sure your oil filter can stand the pressure The problems generated by aftermarket oil filters can get you in serious trouble. No matter if you are speaking of an o-ring failure or a literally blown filter, the outcome is not great at all. There was a Moto America Race where one of the bikes caught fire due to a blown oil filter. The filter was a KN race model. Who would have thought? The racing oil filters are the ones preferred by many because they have a hexagon nut on top of a safety wire hole. It seems that the top area is the one that fails and not necessarily because it was overtightened.  It was last year when AMA decided to ban aftermarket oil filters for their races. The Chuckwalla Motorcycle Association adopted this rule for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. They also highly recommend the usage of OEM filters for street bikes.  7caeb2b8 5f63 454e 98b7 9316017115a3 For the racing segment besides injuries and race bike failure, there are also the oil spills that need cleaning. Every rider hates to have oil or debris on the track. When it comes to road use is even dangerous. The oil might not burst in flames, but it can end up on the rear tyre you are in for a fall. There are at least five major brands that provide oil filters, the price is smaller, but this is not the reason we buy them. The OEM filters require a trip to the dealer, and the trip is not always a pleasure if you live far from big towns. Personally, I prefer to go to the nearest motorcycle store or service and buy one. Unfortunately, it seems that this is no longer a good idea. Read More: How To Change Your Motorcycle Oil – Video Tutorial If you decide to change the oil by yourself, make sure to inspect every new oil filter before mounting it. Check the o-ring and lube it before installing, if the seal or the metal body looks damaged replace it another one. It’s cheaper this way

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