Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 Trashed on Track

Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 Trashed on Track 1

The AMB 001 bike begins track testing

The AMB 001 marks the collaboration between Aston Martin and Brough Superior. The bike was showcased last year at EICMA and now it’s been put on test at the Pau-Arnos track in southwestern France. It’s fitted with a turbocharger and costs, wait for it, $120,000 (€108,000). 


Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 is a turbocharged version of the SS100 neo-retro bike. It was designed as a track-only motorcycle. Underneath all the luxury components sits a turbocharged 997cc V-twin making 180 hp. Moreover, the turbocharger has variable geometry meaning the bike’s fitted with pivoting vanes or an adjustable collar on the compressor to effectively simulate changing the size of a turbocharger throughout an engine’s rev range. Thus, decreasing the engine’s turbo lag to a minimum. Also, the bike is fitted with an intercooler to reduce the temperature of the compressed air entering the engine resulting in enhanced power output.

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Other features include a machined titanium backbone frame, with a double-wishbone fork upfront. On the rear, the motorcycle is fitted with a carbon fiber subframe as well as carbon fiber bodywork. Also, there’s a carbon fiber fin which runs over the length of the bike from the top of the fuel tank to the TFT dash.

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The bodywork features winglets with a design inspired by the S-shaped curve found on the front of Aston Martin cars. The AMB 001 features a Stirling Green paint scheme which is also a feature borrowed from Aston Martin’s racing machines. The motorcycles are hand-built at the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France.




The tests made at the Pau-Arnos track in southwestern France are focusing on the chassis and geometry of the bike and not the engine behaviour. So, most likely, other tests will follow this one until the motorcycle is headed to production.




Taking into consideration these dynamic tests, the Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 is should be heading into production this autumn as a limited-edition model of just 100 units.

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