BWM F 750 GS, BMW F 850 GS/ GSA – New Colors, Extended Options

The BMW F750GS, F850GS, and F850GS Adventure are getting an anniversary color theme for 2020. They’re coming in black and yellow, symbolizing 40 years of GS. More than that, the F850GS is getting an adjustable screen and some updates in the electronic department.

Reworked throttle response in the Dynamic mode; Dynamic Brake Control, Engine Brake Control

The new BMW F 750 GS, BMW F 850 GS, and BMW F 850 GS Adventure all feature new components of the Pro riding modes optional equipment.

Thus, as in the GS models with boxer engines, a reworked throttle response in DYNAMIC riding mode should offer a better feeling.

Furthermore, dynamic engine brake control and Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) now feature in Pro riding modes. Other new Pro riding mode features include the preselection of up to four riding modes for the button assignment on the right handlebar controls (though only in conjunction with the Connectivity optional equipment in the BMW F 750 GS).

Extra-low seat for all three models. Adjustable windscreen for the F850GS

An extra-low seat bench as well as a modified lowered suspension will be available as optional equipment for all three models in the future ensuring even better ground accessibility when stationary.

The standard equipment of the BMW F 850 GS has been further enhanced with a windscreen adjustment mechanism and a TFT display including convenient Connectivity functions.

Original BMW Motorrad Accessories now supply a holder for the BMW F 850 GS and BMW F 850 GS Adventure for mounting the BMW Motorrad Navigator above the standard TFT display, which is beneficial when the driver is stationary offroad. This holder was previously reserved exclusively for GS trophy machines and deployment vehicles. The ex-works “Preparation for navigation device” optional equipment is still available for positioning on the handlebar clamp as before.

Since completely switching off the ABS will no longer be permissible under legal homologation regulations in the future, the Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes provide suitably adapted controls for this purpose. The ABS function can still be switched off on the rear wheel in the Enduro Pro riding mode (BMW F 850 GS and BMW F 850 GS Adventure only).

The HP logo will be omitted in the future in all optional equipment scopes and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories. The sports silencer for the BMW F 750 GS will only be provided via Original BMW Motorrad Accessories.


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