BMW G 310 R Revealed

BMW G 310 R Revealed 1

BMW widens the motorcycle family with a new member – the G 310 R. This bike inherits the looks and abilities of the BMW S 1000 R. It comes with a revolutionary engine, being the first roadster under 500 cc built by BMW.

The G 310 is meant to be a versatile motorcycle for everyday use, in or out the city. This roadster is designed to match every kind of rider in any conditions. It’s called by the designers a “stress-free and relaxing motorcycle.” The new Motorrad roadster shows great balance in all areas.

Power unit 

The engine is a new unit developed by BMW, a 313 cc, liquid cooled single cylinder, four valves and two camshafts that produces at his peak 34 hp. The revolutionary thing about this engine is the angle of the barrel, leaned towards the back of the bike. The electronic fuel injection was moved towards the front wheel. This new engine design was adopted to keep a short wheelbase without sacrificing the handling.

S 1000 R looks

The styling follows the same lines of BMW S 1000 R. The G 310, judging the looks, is a roadster. The front fork is low; the tail is short and pointing up, the gas tank design shows before you an agile and mean looking bike meant to be taken for real. The long aluminum swingarm combined with the short seat height will give the rider a natural position and sharp maneuverability. Even in small alleys or rush hour traffic, the G 310 will give you a complete control feeling.

BMW craftsmanship 

This built is a new approach for BMW. Although the G 310 R is developed in Munich, the production line is in India – a joint venture with TVS Motor Company. Nothing to worry about, the Motorrad division ensures us they took great care of everything, but we’ll have to check that in a test-ride. This small roadster will be a pleasure to ride even for the more experienced bikers. The handling is increased by the use of up-side down front fork and long swingarm. The safety is secured by BREMBO brakes, and the ABS BMW got us used to. All of the aspects combined with the low fuel consumption brings on the small bikes market a roadster to consider.

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