BMW K1600 Grand America – Flamboyant Performance Tourer

BMW K1600 Grand America - Flamboyant performance tourer 1

Bold color and a top-case on the K1600B. And the performance bagger turns into a performance tourer

BMW wants the American market. After the release of the BMW K1600B Bagger last year, it was a the time for another version. This time, a touring-oriented approach.

The highlights of the BMW K1600 Grand America are the fancy electronics, the powerful 6-cylinder engine, a large windshield and the new paint finish in Austin Yellow metallic. The engine produces an outstanding 160hp and 175Nm that can make the massive behemoth accelerate like a sports bike. 


The top case was added for extra storage space and enhanced passenger comfort. There’s no shortage of LED integrated lights on the back of the top case that keeps the American custom taillights look. The windshield is wider than the one on the K1600B, and BMW claims it offers wind protection for both rider and passenger.


The electronics package includes the Dynamic ESA that features Road and Cruise mode. The Cruise mode offers a soft dampening and increases the comfort level while the Road mode makes the bike feel a bit sportier. The reverse assist comes standard, and that’s very useful when trying to go backwards with a 364kg bike. The driving modes are standard and also the Traction Control and mandatory ABS.


As BMW got used to the options list has numerous boxes to tick. Starting with Shift Assist Pro that allows you to change gears without using the clutch and ending with Keyless Ride, Hill Assist, and even forged wheels. If you go for the yellow paint and the full list of options the K1600 Grand America may be the most electronically advanced and luxurious tourer out there. See all the photos in our picture gallery.


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