BMW R1200GS Rambler Is 50 Kg Lighter and Rides Like Hell VIDEO

BMW R1200GS Rambler is 50 kg lighter and Rides Like Hell VIDEO 1
Meet the wildest R1200GS. This happens when Touratech teams up with BMW Motorrad. Less weight. Isn’t this what most of the enduro-adventure riders want? Touratech knows that so it took a BMW R1200GS and turned it into a super-lightweight adventure bike that weights less than 200 kilos /440 lbs and bounds nimbly over rough terrain.  The mission: a model named K199 with no more than 199 kg. The result: the lightest R1200GS conversion ever and a Touratech interpretation of the HP2 Enduro. Although a concept, Touratech says this is a ready to ride R1200GS.  Watch the R1200GS Rabler in action below
Two units were built. One in Touratech colors and one in classic BMW Motorsport colors. The engineers took the engine and gearbox unit from the R1200R roadster and combined it with the shaft drive from the GS for a “more direct response.”  Also, there’s no telelever suspension anymore. Touratech fitted an upside down force tuned by Touratech suspension.  All those modifications, combined with a lighter battery and a titanium exhaust system made the bike 50 kilos lighter than the series version.  The frame was reinforced for off-road toughness and a 16.2-liter aluminum fuel tank was added to the subframe. There’s also a plastic 1,8-liters fuel tank that houses the fuel pump. So, the total fuel capacity stands at 18 liters. The R1200GS Rambler also comes with a single-disc front brake. Here’s another action movie below. 

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