BMW’s Electric Scooters Might Get a Roof

BMW's Electric Scooters Might Get a Roof 1
The BMW C1 scooter heritage might make a comeback, albeit only partly, as Zie Germans patent a roof which might pass for their electric two-wheelers and even more. C1 was a rather short-lived model in BMW’s line-up but it looks like it wasn’t forgotten completely. At least its perky roof wasn’t, and this is exactly what one of House Munich’s patents reveal. The drawing clearly shows a C Evolution electric maxi-scooter and this hints to the Germans’ potential plans for upgrading this two-wheeler. The roof structure appears to be a more streamlined than that of the C1 and integrating what looks like a bucket seat for the rider, with no option for a pillion passenger, though. Making things even more interesting, the item marked with number 26 in this picture appears to be some sort of a harness, but we’re not entirely sure if strapping a person astride a motorcycle or scooter is the wisest idea. The drawing is purely schematic so there is no way to know if this roof is a permanent installation or can be dismantled easily by the rider. If BMW decides to make this roof in such a way as hardtops work on certain roadsters, this could extend its usability dramatically. Just imagine how convenient it would be to be able to simply take out the usual two-up seat and install the roof/cage when the weather is not on the bright side. We can safely presume that the space in the rear acts as a small storage space, making things more functional. Even more, there is no precise hint that such a roof would be available only for BMW’s electric scooters. Maybe the internal combustion models could adopt it too, providing the riders with extra options. As for the aesthetic side, it’s all down to function, rather than form. A roof on top of a scooter isn’t the most pleasing image by far, but those who ride a lot in the rain might easily skip the beauty contests in favor of more weather protection. Our take is that such a roof could indeed be a feasible addition to BMW’s maxi-scooters provided it’s easily removable to allow riders to quickly swap between the somewhat dreaded C1 attire and the sleek line of the modern Bavarian machines.

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