BMW Suspends Motorcycle Production in Germany | Coronavirus Outbreak

BMW Suspends Motorcycle Production in Germany | Coronavirus Outbreak 1

The Berlin Spandau motorcycle factory is closed until April 19

The BMW company spokesman Julian Friedrich confirmed that the production line is closed. The decision was made to protect the employees from an increased risk of infection by the Coronavirus. 

The demand for motorcycles is slowing down and BMW will slow down the deliveries of its bikes as well due to the COVID-19.

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It was announced on Wednesday morning that BMW will cease car production in its plants in Europe and South Africa until April 19.


Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG made a statement regarding the COVID-19 situation:

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

In times like these, we need responsible behaviour in society. We find ourselves in highly unusual times. All of us are personally affected. Medical experts and scientists are giving clear directions as to what we need to do to slow and contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The next few weeks will be critical. Many countries have taken significant measures, which we support.

In this situation, as a company we have diverse responsibilities:

  • To protect our employees and their families as best we can
  • To support our society in its fight against the virus
  • And at the same time, to maintain our operational capabilities and prepare for what comes “after the virus”

We have made far-reaching decisions that affect our daily business. 

Many people are focusing on their health and well-being and what is most essential right now. In light of this, we have already temporarily closed the first dealerships in Europe. Demand for cars, like many other goods, will decrease significantly.

Our production is geared towards sales development forecasts – and we are adjusting our production volumes flexibly in line with demand. Since yesterday: We began to shut down our European and Rosslyn automotive plants, which will close by the end of the week. The interruption of production for the mentioned plants is currently planned to run until April 19.

The BMW Group has highly flexible and effective work time instruments. 

This applies to both direct areas, like production, and also in indirect areas, such as administration. Now, we will reap the benefits of this. We will continue to ensure our ability to operate as a company. At the same time, we want to reduce the risk of infection for our employees. We have therefore put a comprehensive package of measures into effect. For example, employees will be able to work from home, when it is possible and when it makes sense. I would like to thank our social partners, that we were able to find solutions quickly in true BMW tradition. And I would also like to thank all employees for helping us to get through this situation.

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The motorcycle production at the Berlin Spandau motorcycle factory is suspended starting today, March 20, and could resume on April 19.

"We are currently reviewing the operational and individual requirements for short-time work and then decide which instrument – home office, time and vacation account or short-time work – is used," said Julian Friedrich.

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The Berlin Spandau motorcycle factory is the only BMW plant in Germany. From 1969 until now, around three million bikes were produced.

BMW is not the only motorcycle company that had to temporarily close their factories. Ducati, KTM, Harley-Davidson and Yamaha suspended their production line while Mv Agusta enforced health measures to keep the factories open.

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