BMW to Develop a Safety System for Head-on Collisions

BMW to develop a safety system for head-on collisions 1

Although just a patent right now, this system could become reality

BMW just patented a safety system to protect riders in case of a collision according to RideApart. The name is Collision Protection Device on a Motorized Bicycle and the patent is with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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The system is designed to protect the rider in situations like head-on collisions. The device is a V-shaped component fitted to the frame. It’s opened in the direction of the front wheel.

bmw motorrad crumple zone patent

In riding situations when the front wheel hits an obstacle, the wheel is directed into the centre of the V allowing it to remain straight instead of moving to one of the motorcycle’s sides.

bmw motorrad crumple zone patent (1)

By keeping the front wheel in a vertical position, the rider has more space and is protected from hitting the wheel and get injured. This way, the system increases safety when riding. Also, the mechanism isn’t fitted with electronic systems. 

It wouldn't be the first time when BMW Motorrad is pioneering safety mechanisms for their motorcycle. BMW was the first motorcycle brand to put ABS on motorcycles, back in early 90s. 

Source: Free Patents Online, RideApart

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