Chic Electric Scooter for Urban Riding

Garelli Ciclone E4 is an electric scooter which the brand updated for the 2020 model year. It features more power from the 125 class power unit and comes in three versions – Urban, Soul and Cross.

Garelli was founded back in 1919 with the Italian brand building scooters for the 50cc and 125cc class. The brand was dissolved in 2012 and revived in 2018 thanks to new ownership. The brand had a Ciclone model to compete in the 50s class which had a power output of 2kW (2.7 hp) from the wheel hub motor from Bosch. Top speed was between 25-45 kph depending on the version and range set to 120 km. Now, Garelli made an update to their electric scooter.

The new Ciclone delivers now 4 kW (5.36 hp) and 160 Nm of torque from its wheel hub motor. Although we could have expected a better range, the mileage its lowered to 110 km. The electric motor is fitted on an aluminium tubular frame, the Ciclone E4 is fitted with a USD (upside down) fork and central spring strut at the rear. The braking system is provided by 220mm hydraulic discs while for the wheels, Garelli fitted 13-inch rims.

The E4 comes with three performance modes with top speeds of 35, 45 or 70 kph. The power unit is equipped with a 35 Ah, and a weight of 13 kg removable lithium-ion battery. Charging time lasts between six and eight hours. Using fast charging, the time for a full recharge could drop to 45 minutes. Depending on how you ride this electric scooter, the range may vary from 110, 100 km to 70 km.

Without the battery, the Garelli Ciclone E4 electric scooter has a dry weight of 68 kg and offers a maximum load of 150 kg. The price tag is set at  €3,500 for the 50s class version while the E4 version starts at €4,500.



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