CSC City Slicker, the Electric Commuter Motorcycle With an Unbelievable Price

CSC City Slicker, the electric commuter motorcycle with an unbelievable price 1

CSC Motorcycles reveal City Slicker, an electric commuter that can do 70 km/h, has a maximum range of 100 km and costs an incredible $1,995. Dreams come true? Surely starts looking like that!

Is an electric motorcycle that’s fast enough and with a price tag under the $2,000 bar music to your ears? It certainly appeals to us, and we’re glad to be able to introduce you to the all-new City Slicker, one of the neatest e-commuters to arrive from a Californian company called CSC Motorcycles.

Electric bicycles that can go really fast still cost a small fortune, and sometimes people are having a hard time deciding whether to pull the trigger on a bike or a proper motorcycle. Pedelec prices are a tad more affordable, but these two-wheelers can’t provide the vibe of riding an actual motorcycle, hence the dilemma.

The CSC City Slicker seems to have solved the problem, with proper motorcycle looks and dynamics, performance specs that are superior to those any electric bicycle could dream of, and a price that’s simply incredible. At $1,995, the City Slicker is more affordable that most serious mid-range pedelecs, and blows the competition out of the water.

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This neat commuter can do 46.6 mph (just under 75 km/h), but CSC fails to tell us the power of its motor. We do know that the drivetrain is a 72-volt one, drawing juice from a 2,160 kWh 72v 30 A battery pack that takes 6-8 hours to top up using a common 110v Stage 1 charger. Using a more powerful charging device should reduce the time needed to reach 100%.

The truth is that the City Slicker is not a machine built to impress with otherworldly specs, but its tech sheet certainly looks perfect for commuting. It delivers a 37-mile (60 km) range at 37 mph speed (60 km/h), but if you’re not in a hurry, it can deliver 62 miles (100 km) at 20 mph (32 km/h).

city slicker header

City Slicker comes with a sleek white-on-black digital dash that integrates the speedometer, odometer, and trip meter, battery charge status and motor temperature. This bike comes with a belt direct drive and doesn’t need to shift gears. However, it sports a reverse gear despite its small, 216 lb (98 kg) weight. The wheels are 12” units shod with stree-oriented, albeit sporty tires.

CSC_City_Slicker 4 dash

CSC Motorcycles intend to start shipping the City Slicker this fall, and the $1,995 won’t last forever, so if you’re in for a neat electric commuter that won’t break the bank, it’s better you hurried up with that deposit.

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