Curtiss Hera, the Electric V8 Looks Truly Badass

Curtiss Hera, the Electric V8 looks truly badass 1

Curtiss reveals yet another amazing concept, Hera, and it pays tribute to the 1907 V8 record-breaking machine

Curtiss Motorcycles ups the ante big time, with a fresh announcement regarding a new electric beast they plan to bring to the market. Just months after they announced their first electric machine, Zeus, it’s time to meet the god’s wife, Hera.

Hera was designed with one purpose in mind: to be the most badass electric roadster built to date, boasting looks that leave people drooling, and with performance to match its impressive presence. Zeus’ “wife” pays tribute to one of the most iconic motorcycles built by Curtiss more than a century ago, the famous V8 that made Glenn Curtiss the Fastest Man on Earth on January 23rd 1907. Back then, the V8 rode at 136.3 mph (219.3 km/h) on Ormond Beach in Florida, so it’s easy to figure out that Hera’s heritage will have a big role to play.

The Curtiss Hera is dubbed the “first V8 battery bike”, with a special architecture that honors the V8 of yore. However, instead of the crazy V8 from a century ago, the new Curtiss packs a rather peculiar battery pack that harks back to the 1907 eight-cylinder mill. Having replaced cubic centimeters with high-density lithium-ion cells, Hera also sports a twin-electric motor array that promises to make every ride a blast.


Hera’s wheelbase is eccentric, for lack of a better word. With 66 inches (1.67m) between the axles, this bike will not go unnoticed. The old V8 had a low height and Hera follows suit. Curtiss only revealed a concept drawing, and it’s still premature to make further judgements as to how the final stance of this bike will be. Even so, if the details in the drawing are anything like the final machine, we might be looking at a bike with a lightweight chassis made of carbon fiber that’s going to be stunning.

Curtiss has not revealed any tech details, but we believe that Hera will be a force to be reckon with. Zeus also has an e-twin motor architecture, and we’re looking at a 170 hp and 393 Nm beast. Something tells us that Hera will be at least as beastly as Zeus, if not even brawnier.

Announcing Hera for 2020, Curtiss is clearly having H-D in their sights, as Milwaukee is also slated for an electric release around the same time frame. Will this become a battle of two iconic US brands? Time will tell.

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