Daga Stroke, the Leaning Cargo Assisted E-Trike

Daga Stroke, the leaning cargo assisted e-trike 1
Japanese company Daga shows Stroke, a leaning electric assist trike engineered for hauling cargo, kids, pets and whatnot “Utility electric trike” is most likely a category that’s not been coined yet, but things are about to change. Niigata, Japan-based company Daga introduces Stroke, a most interesting leaning trike with electric assist and a very useful purpose: hauling cargo around the city. Not the most beautiful pedelec out there, Stroke is, however, one of the most useful e-bikes we laid eyes upon this year. Or maybe longer. With around 18 months of development, Daga showcased some of their utility bikes at the Wonder Festival in Tokyo. From the trikes equipped with a postal box to the ones with a crate that can accommodate a kid, there’s an entire universe of distinct possibilities out there. 37f9520e61e2a4e0db7cbfec099e628c This belt-driven bike has an ample frame that surrounds the cargo area and leaves the purpose to the rider’s/customer’s choice. Open baskets, closed cases, crates, hanging bags, you just name it and Daga can add it to the Stroke. The two front wheels are connected to the frame with arms that allow the bike to tilt, thus providing better stability than traditional two-wheels-in-the-back trikes. Stroke leans into turns just like any other bike, making rides feel natural and safer. Because of Japan’s strict laws, Stroke’s mid-motor can only reach 24 km/h (15 mph), but this will surely change if Daga decides to sell this neat vehicle in European or North American markets. The dual disc brakes definitely look like they can provide decent stopping power from higher speeds, as well as precise control even at higher speed. 38653887_272385456906902_6847205453634469888_n Daga is currently seeking funding to move Stroke to the next step, commercial production. No info about this move on the crowdfunding platforms, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out more about Stroke. And if the price is right, we might just see these sweet trikes roaming the streets soon. READ MORE on electric bikes: A standard for electric bike range a2d7bbcd96e8a080d9738e422a94dd91DSCF2241 01e5873619d9359c4ad1e90f6966a841b2matomepostoffice_01.png

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