Dakar 2018. the Route

Three countries and 14 stages for the most exciting rally in the world

Peru joins the Dakar again, after a five year absence. The rally starts on 6th of January in Lima (Peru) and ends on 20th of January in Cordoba (Argentina). 

"Coming back to Peru, and for longer than in 2012 and 2013, has given us the opportunity to explore unknown territory. Competitors will be faced with all the different sandscapes of the country, setting high standards right from the very start of the Dakar. The Bolivian stretch—physically demanding yet offering stunning landscapes—will test the adventurers to the limits of their endurance. But decisive challenges will still await them in Argentina, where the Dakar theoretically reaches its most difficult part with the Super Fiambala stage. This is where racers will need to stand out from the crowd if they hope to triumph in Córdoba.", Marc Coma – Sporting Director of the Dakar

The Dakar team just released an animated film outlining the route.

1 ️Lima – Pisco

2 ️Pisco – Pisco

3 ️Pisco – San Juan de Marcona

4 ️San Juan de Marcona – San Juan de Marcona

5 ️San Juan de Marcona – Arequipa

6 ️Arequipa – La Paz


7 ️La Paz – Uyuni

8     Uyuni – Tupiza

9 ️Tupiza – Salta

10   Salta – Belen

11   Barking – Chilecito

12   Chilechito – San Juan

13   San Juan – Cordona

14   Córdoba-Córdoba

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