Ducati Monster 1200 R. the Most Powerful Naked in Bologna

Ducati Monster 1200 R. The most powerful naked in Bologna 1

Ducati unleashes the baddest monster alive. The badge R stand for its muscles: 160 horsepower.

First we had Monster 1200, a power-naked in the Ducati family which had the classic roadster lines mixed with a 1200 Testastretta. Moreover, to respect the tradition in Bologna, Ducati launched the “S” version. But it seems it wasn’t enough. An “R” version was needed. 

The engine is the star. It develops 160 hp, as much as BMW S 1000 R’s inline four, 25 horsepower more than “non-R” version. It has a 131,4 Nm torque available at 7.750 rpm. 75% of torque is already available at 3.500 rpm, so we could say that the midrange is delightful. 

Compared to the other Monster 1200 version, this “R” Testastretta DS has an increased air-intake, burn and exhaust efficiencies. The throttle bodies were also modified and the cylinder heads are new. The compression ratio was raised and the exhaust system is completely new.

The engine is used as a part of the Ducati traditional trellis frame. 

The pillion foot pegs are no longer integrated in the same piece with the rider foot pegs and that’s very good because it was such a mess with the old system: almost every rider complained about the passenger foot pegs position. 

The lean angle is also bigger – 50˚ – for those who want to get it on track. 

Ohlins high-spec suspension

While the usual Monster 1200 has a grey (fully adjustable and upside-down, but still grey) fork, the 1200 R comes with gold and the Ohlins badge. These ingredients are the proof that the bike is ready to ruble on track at high speeds without wobbling. 

Alongside the suspension, another element which has an Ohlins badge is the steering damper fitted for aggressive riding style. 

Panigale brakes

Ducati says that the Brembo braking system has Superbike-specs. The brakes come directly from 1299 Panigale: PR 16 brake pump, 330 mm front discs, Brembo M50 Monobloc radial calipers. 


Ducati Monster 1200 R has three riding modes (urban, touring, sport), ride-by-wire throttle, traction control, and a “smart” ABS which could be set on different intervention levels.

The TFT dashboard adapts its light to the environment and the sport mode makes the screen look like the 1299 Panigale one.

As for the design… first of all is a Ducati, then is a high-specs and very expensive Ducati. This should be enough for anyone to understand that it is a very sexy motorcycle. The tailpiece is smaller, slimmer and the seat is almost inexistent for that good looking girl who should be a passenger on this bike. 

The materials feel very nice both when you see it and when you touch it and seating on it gives you a power stance. It is available in two colors: Ducati Red and Thrilling black. 

The price: 18.695$

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