Eicma 2018: Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory Video

Eicma 2018: Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory video 1

The guys at Aprilia committed to the RSV4, and for 2019 they’ve made some important changes to their superbike. They’ve increased the bore to 1078cc and fitted their machine with all the top spec parts you might wish for. There’s no shortage of carbon fibre on the new 1100 Factory or MotoGP-inspired winglets, but the thing that amazed us the most is the front brake cooling system.

You can watch our walkaround video with the new Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory in the window below or directly on our

“>YouTube Channel.

Aprilia is clearly on a hunt for Ducati’s 1103 cc Panigale V4, and this might be the main reason for the bigger displacement. The figures are looking very good for the new RSV4 with a peak power of 217hp and a weight of 199kg fully fueled. 

The exhaust system is now an Akrapovic titanium full system that can handle Euro4 regulations. The suspension system is provided by Ohlins, and there are some serious changes made to the frame and swingarm. The new 1100 Factory will feature one of the most complex chassis adjustment systems available on the market. You can adjust the front end angle, the swingarm position and even the engine position. Now you only need a MotoGP or WSBK engineer to help you with that.

We know that the old RSV4 looks were a complete hit but, everything is ten years old. Unfortunately, the folks at Aprilia are into performance with the new RSV4 Factory than looks. The bike will be available starting with the spring of 2019.

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