Electric Motorcycle With Switchable Engine Configuration

Electric Motorcycle with Switchable Engine Configuration 1

Talking about having more bikes in one

2Electron unveiled the Emula prototype which comes with different engine modes. Unlike the riding modes, we’re used to when looking at other bikes, this time around the company offers an option to chose the sound, power delivery, torque delivery and engine braking behaviour of the electric motorcycle. It offers the rider the chance to make it a 250 two-stroke, a large four-stroke V2 or a 600 in-line four-cylinder bike.

What is the fuss all about? Well, the Emula features a McFly operating system. Yes, it’s named after Marty McFly, the character from Back to the Future movie. The system allows the rider to switch the power-unit configuration as he desires. So, the electric motorcycle can have multiple characteristics from the switch of a button. Thus, 2Electron Emula can be ridden as a 250 two-stroke, a large four-stroke V2 or a 600 in-line four-cylinder machine with the specific sound power delivery, torque delivery and engine braking behaviour.

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It weighs almost 200 kg and has a corresponding shift behaviour and a conventional clutch simulation to make the riding experience as authentic as possible without being fitted with a gearbox. Moreover, using a 250 two-stroke configuration the power-unit makes 58 hp and 37 Nm of torque. Switching to an 800 V-twin it delivers 77 hp and 72 Nm while a 600 inline-four increases the figures to 100 hp while the torque delivery is set at 60 Nm. All modifications can be configured using a touchscreen fitted in the cockpit. There’s also an option to download other power-unit configurations via an online shop.

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The electric motorcycle makes a different power-unit sound to match the prefered configuration and sends different corresponding vibrations with the help of a subwoofer. The top speed is set at 250 kph and 2Electron allows the option for the e-bike to be ridden like a conventional electric motorcycle. Nonetheless, the company is part of a larger Italian automotive group, Zener who offers the McFly system to any mobile applications fitted with an electric motor. In other words, it can be used for cars as well.

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For now, Emula is just a prototype and time will tell if we’ll ever see the electric motorcycle in production form. All we can say for the time being is that the future sounds electric.

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