Energica Rumored to Make Smaller, More Affordable Electric Bikes

Energica Rumored to Make Smaller, More Affordable Electric Bikes 1

Energica and Dell-Orto prepare small and medium-power electric bikes, and this is a great piece of news.

If anything, Energica is known for their involvement in the electric branch of MotoGP, and for their sweet Ego sport bike. But things are about to change, as Energica teamed up with another Italian legend, Dell-Orto, eyeing bringing to the masses smaller, less powerful and much more affordable electric motorcycles.

The recent team-up is said to be aimed at developing not one, but two new families of motorcycles with Energica’s badge, both dedicated to a different customer pool. One of Energica’s latest press releases speaks about two upcoming ranges that should complement their actual high-power line-up, with two-wheelers on the 8-11 kW and up-to-30 kW power.

That’s roughy 15 hp and 40 hp, respectively, corresponding to small-displacement and middleweight bikes, two segments that are quite lucrative in all traditional markets. And with the Energica Ego delivering 145 hp and a top speed in excess of 240 km/h and its siblings Eva and EsseEsse9 rated at 109 hp and 200 km/h, these new motorcycles could be exactly what the Italian manufacturer was missing for a more solid expansion.

Skipping top speed and power figures, these new machines would also be a significantly cheaper alternative to the $20k-ish machines Energica offers now. We talked to some of Energica’s engineers several years ago at EICMA and they confirmed that the fast charging on their bikes (then) was indeed awesome. Imagine how things would be with smaller batteries and all the recent developments…

The electric bike market is thriving, especially in Europe, a place that saw a 79% growth in electric vehicles sales in Q1 alone, so throwing in some new two-wheelers that boast the same top-notch craftsmanchip would only seem natural for Energica. Benefitting from their MotoE exploits and growing fame, Energica could do quite well with small and medium-power bikes offered for commuting and mid-range rides.

And with the extensive 3D printing Energica uses for certain spares, servicing these new machines would also be cheaper in the long run. They’d be a great green alternative for new riders and a convenient second bike for existing ones. Backed by Energica’s solid quality, the smaller and less powerful e-motorcycles could be a great next stage for the industry, especially if delivered with an attractive price.

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