For Around $935 Million You Can Buy the Whole Ducati Brand

For Around $935 Million You Can Buy The Whole Ducati Brand 1

Ducati brand owner Volkswagen is considering a possible sale of the Italian motorcycle company. The brand was bought back in 2012 by Audi, VW division, for about 860 million euros ( $935 million). The German carmaker is reorganising after the emission scandal that took place in the states a few years ago, and one of the measures might be selling Ducati, according to Reuters

According to the specialists, the Italian company is estimated at around 1.5 billion euros, 15 times its yearly earnings of 100 millions euros (before taxes and depreciation). The purchase was made by Audi in 2012 due to former VW Chairman Ferdinand Piech's passion for lightweight Italian design. Practically, the main reason for anyone to buy such a company is the attraction of the 17 wins gathered in World Superbike competition.

Ducati faces a real problem if the VW group decides to put the company on the market. The big motorcycle companies are not showing any real interest, so the Italian’s might have to appeal for help in China, India or investors such as the consortium who saved Aston Martin in 2007.

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