Hard to Believe a Honda Dominator Could Look Like This

Hard to Believe a Honda Dominator could Look Like This 1

3D printing has come a long way…

The base model is a 1991 Honda NX650 Dominator and after a 3D printing treatment from Vagabund Moto, it looks like this – the V13 adventure motorcycle. The design is minimalistic like the rest of the custom bike while the engine was rebuilt.

Vagabund V13 is custom-crafted by hand in a workshop located in the North of Graz, Austria. Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl used Nylon PA12 3D printing material due to the high tensile strength and fatigue resistance characteristics of the material, to build the fuel tank and fit it with a moto gadget mini speedo. Also, the rear end, air filter cover, indicator light bracket and handlebar switch housings are 3D printed which became a new tool for almost any custom manufacturer.

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 01 960x840

We were trying to generate a minimalist look while producing a fully functional ‘offroad’ bike,” Paul tells us. “Which meant having all the necessary parts for being street legal in Austria,” said Brauchart.

It was our own in-house project but was standing in the corner for over two years because we didn’t have the time to build it. “We are really into the offroad/outdoor scene, but also love to build super clean bikes. With this NX650 we’ve tried to combine these two preferences. “It took a stupid number of construction hours to produce the 3D-printed fuel tank alone, and a cohesive rear end,” he added.

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 02 960x720

The 644cc single-cylinder engine was rebuilt and unfortunately, there are no tech details regarding the power figures. Most likely it delivers the same 45hp (34kW) and 53Nm of torque output as the original engine.

Like any other bike, it needs to sound cool and Vagabund took care of that aspect and modified the exhaust system. It now features a stainless steel manifold with custom-made two into one collector and modified Akrapovic muffler.

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 06 960x1280

To make the bike stand out, the rear subframe was redesigned to fit a pair of GKA fuel canisters which come in handy for long-distance trips.

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 11 960x1007

The Vagabund V13 features a Pro-Link suspension equipped with a new Wilbers monoshock. Moreover, the wheels are powder coated, fitted with new stainless spokes while the tires are Bridgestone Battlax AX14.

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 12 960x1063

The braking system was upgraded and now the front wheel has 320mm brake discs which are an increase from the 265mm stock brake discs.

Furthermore, the front fender was borrowed from a Husqvarna TC85 and Vagabund fitted on top a multipurpose cargo rack. It holds a pair of Kellermann Atto turn signals, Highsider headlights and a quick-release mounting system for a weatherproof Black Ember storage bag. Other features include new custom bars, controls and levers.

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 08 960x1026

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 05 960x720

The Vagabund V13 looks awesome and we would like to know the price for this custom adventure bike, but no worries on that matter because the motorcycle is already sold.

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Vagabund V13 Features

  •  3D printed fuel tank (Polyamide 12) with integrated moto gadget mini speedo
  • 3D printed rear end, air filter cover, indicator light bracket and handlebar switch housings
  • Exhaust System: stainless steel manifold with custom-made two into one collector and modified Akrapovic muffler
  • 320mm HE brake discs
  • Engine rebuild
  • Husqvarna TC85 front fender
  • custom-made front rack with integrated Kellerman Atto turn signals and a quick release/magnetic mounting system for Black Ember bag
  • Highsider Satellite headlights
  • Wilbers shock
  • custom-made licence plate holder with integrated Kellermann Atto tail/ brake light/turn signal combination
  • GKA fuel pack with custom made rack
  • Bridgestone Battlax AX41 tyres
  • custom-made Alcantara seat
  • OTR oil cooler
  • custom-made rear frame
  • powder-coated wheels with stainless spokes
  • modified fork bridge with new handlebar/clamps/controls/levers


vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 03 960x887

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 04 1 960x968

vagabund_moto V13_Honda_NX650_Dominator 14 960x943


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